Podcast 93: Q Anon and The Coming Storm, #Happening?

Okay, so someone want to tell us what's going on here?

John takes us down the rabbit hole on what’s been happening on 4Chan these past couple of weeks, which has been taking the Internet and conspiracy message boards by storm, no pun intended. 😉

Someone, or some group, calling themselves, “Q Clearance Patriot” (QAnon), has been posting a series of questions (breadcrumbs) on /pol/ and hinting that the storm everyone has been waiting for is finally upon us.

What storm?

Well, nothing less than the end of the Old/New World Order, the Bush/Clinton/Obama crime cabal, and all their corrupt cronies. In short, a new American Revolution – MAGA style.

Is this one of the most epic LARP’s of all time, a carefully crafted psyop, or is Q the real thing? Could all of these be true simultaneously?


ALICEThere’s no use trying. One can’t believe impossible things.

QUEENI daresay you haven’t had much practice. When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. 

Also, check this out. Q posts 8 minutes before POTUS, using the same +++ sign off:

Coincidence? After everything else Q posted, we seriously doubt it. And then there’s this, Q’s final post:

So, are we about to see what Doc Brown referred to as, “some serious shit”?

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A quick shout out to Tracy Beanz, and Ed from The Outer Light and the Daily Rabbit Hole, who’s work on this helped me organize my own thoughts on what might be going on here. Definitely check ’em out. -John

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  • Lee Swain

    OK hold on for a rant, but this episode was very dissapointing! If I had not been listening for a while I would have unsubscribed right away. What I usually like about your show in the past is the more rational and fact based approach to conspiracies you seem to take. But John buying into this lunatic on 4chan with the best evidence being the use of “+++” in a post and in a Trump tweet has made me lose a LOT of faith in your reasoning skill.

    We are supposed to take seriously the idea that the man-baby was working with someone in his admin to “leak” this useless (and mostly nonsense I may add) crap to 4CHAN of all places and then signaled it is all true with a +++ sign off?! To what fucking end?! Use some common damn sense! So you get a bunch of lunatic 4chan nuts looking this idiotic shit up, and then doing WHAT?! Spread some “truth” to a group that will literally believe any lunatic shit you feed them? Nothing “seeps up” from a mentally-ill echo chamber that is 90% lunatic drivel. Even if this was some uncovered truth, what value would it have when filtered through these nuts who believe and spread any lunatic shit they hear?!

    As for the “truth” that was revealed, come on! Some seriously obvious use of overly cryptic “clues” (or even worse “questions” that are designed to lead you to an answer they want, but also make you feel you have uncovered some hidden truth) so that anyone (especially those obsessively looking for conspiracies) will find “links” to the clues and events that happen after the fact that convince them to the truth of the posts. It’s like Nostradamus or horoscope 101 shit.

    Giving the insane babblings of Trump any credit as to some clues to a mastermind plan to overthrow the deep state is some loony toony delusions crap on the same level as the ego-baby in chief. The moron doesn’t understand how even the most basic shit in government works for god sake!!!

    What did these posts reveal? Nothing that was’t already part of the right wing nuts already established loony world view. He predicted SOMETHING was going to happen while Trump was on a trip, and WOW SOMETHING did happen! SHOCK REVELATION! I mean it’s not like crazy shit happens all the time or anythign!

    If the intelligence agencies are monitoring the thread, why be so cryptic? Such mental lunacy. Clearly these posts were created by a right-wing 4chan nut feeding right back into what he knows his kind WANT to hear and WANT to uncover and WANT to believe the world is like. “Clinton-Obama New World Order”, give me a fucking break!

    I was in utter shock listening to you take this lunatic shit seriously. Your calm reasoned approach to the recent mass shooting conspiracies was excellent, but you just drank the cool aid on this crap.

    Very very close to unsubscribing after this. I’ll give you guys another chance as the show has been great in the past. But god damn this was some terrible shit with a shocking lack of reasoning being applied to what was obviously lunatic self serving right wing circle jerk bunk.

    You seriously used the sentence “I think Trump was smart enough”! FFS! Street smarts? Give me a break! What he has is that he is in-sync with racist, small minded conspiracy believing bottom feeders who think the whole world is against them because they don’t see them for the incredible handsome genius’ that they really are (90% of these boards would be empty if these guys had the slightest game with women.) Because other than having money, HE IS ONE OF THEM. The real conspiracies are FAR too complex for these bottom feeders and so they believe lunatic simplistic shit like the Jews are running the media and the banks and are plotting to take over the world and run a fascistic global government. The irony of course that the solution they propose is having nationalist-fascist governments.

    There is no huge secretive battle between the deep state NWO and Trump. The Trump administration is a nothing more than an ego driven anomaly brought about by the collapse of the 2 parties. And ALL the evidence shows this, no need for long winded convoluted conspiracy theories that some complex plan is going on when we can see the plain evidence that contradicts that every day. He is an ego driven buffoon that responds to situations with the mind set of an ego driven buffoon. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to believe that despite all the evidence to the contrary that everything that appears to be buffoonery is actual a genius plan to save the world. The CIA, Military-industrial complex, banks ect. ect. are doing what they always do, look after their interests the best way they know how while dealing with whatever the current political landscape is. Things are more chaotic because there is a ego-driven man baby in charge rather than some more predicable entity to manipulate. The idea this clown could be the spearhead for a battle against some unified conspiracy is laughable in its delusion. And I thought you guys were above this kind of idiocy. I thought you guys were fans of RAW and had a grasp of how he debunked that way of thinking. Maybe not.

    The parties are collapsing because they offer no solutions to the corporate-industrial-military driven agenda. The |”deep-state” and the special interests that pervert our democracy every day, are pulling in different directions and we end up in the direction where the interests overlap. That being war, greed and protection of the status quo. But they are FAR weaker than we give them credit and they are FAR less organized than the lunatic fringes would like to believe (because despite what they say, they WANT to believe a powerful and evil group are running things).