Podcast 92: Dracula’s Cardboard, JFK Declassified, Hitler Survives WWII, #MeToo Mania, A Ghost Story Pie Scene, Claustrophobic Nightmares

Who the hell's this?

In this week’s episode, another grab bag of totally random shit from John and Adam’s brain… they both hate closed spaces, FYI.

First, did you know there’s an epic frickin’ piece of CARDBOARD co-starring in the classic Bela Lugosi DRACULA? How weird and random is that? And even weirder, why, or how, has no one noticed this since 1931? Another case of the Mandela Effect? Check it out:

And keeping with the movie theme, John discusses one of his favorites – the British horror classic CURSE OF THE DEMON, and it’s connection to Aleister Crowley and The Twilight Zone. There are some strange synchronicities to be found here.

Hey, did you know there’s a 9 minute pie eating contest… err, I mean scene… in A GHOST STORY? No kidding. And the actress who eats it has obviously never eaten anything her whole life, much less a pie. What ever happened to method acting?

And speaking of acting, never has there been a better time to be a Bad Actor. So take heart, all you mediocre thespians. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.

Yes, we dive into the mind field of the #MeToo mania. As men, we should probably know better than to stick our dicks into this controversy, but then again… we’re men with dicks. We can’t help it. We’re stupid that way. 😉

Seriously though, the concern is that some of the newest allegations might be diminishing and/or trivializing the more serious harassment claims. It’s important we’re having this conversation, we get it. But let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a witch hunt where every man is a predator and every unwanted form of flirtation is harassment… but then again, maybe a witch hunt is just what we deserve. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

Oh, and Hollywood creatives should just shut the fuck up about being role models for “decent” society. Most are self-righteous hypocrites, and everyone seems to know this but them. Schadenfreude’s a bitch, ain’t it?

John hints that he’s completely solved the whole “Russiagate” conspiracy! But he can’t talk about it yet. Well, he COULD tell you, but then…

Declassified CIA documents suggest there WAS a conspiracy to kill JFK – and Hitler DID survive World War II. Wait, what?!! You ever get the feeling that EVERYTHING we’ve been told about history is a lie?

And finally, there’s a lot of chatter about what’s about to go down tomorrow, November 4th. Will there be a “purple” revolution in the United States? Or, as many claim, is all the hyperbole for nothing. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow… oops… today!

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