Podcast 90: Beautiful Androids, Another Vegas Update, Bigfoot Returns, Melania Clone, Embrace Contradiction

In this week’s episode, John and Adam embrace the chaos and contradiction of reality with another rambling discussion on everything from pretty androids, to Bigfoot, more Las Vegas conspiracies, doppelgangers and clones, and the seeming paradoxical nature of truth.

Whew! It’s gettin’ crazy out there, folks.

Also, there’s a new Kickstarter campaign for a Church of the SubGenius Documentary. How cool is that? All praise “Bob”.

Oh, and John ends the show with brief What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?, where he attempts to tie all of this together with a neat little bow.

Does he succeed? Not really.  But such is the nature of things today… where nothing and everything can and cannot be unified as a whole or in part…

It’s complicated! Yet simple. 😉

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