Podcast 86: Mothman Returns, Psychic Vampire Repellant, Bigfoot Again, Unabomber Was Right?, Kid Invents Time Travel Device, Mail Order Monkeys

Adam has another Bigfoot update! Why? Because secretly he loves Bigfoot. 😉

And speaking of hairy hominids: Did you know you could order a monkey from the back of a comic book in the 70s? Seriously. Kids today don’t know what they’re missing!

Have any psychic vampires draining your vital energy? Well, never fear! Goop (or is that dupe?) is here to save the day. Introducing the new Psychic Vampire Repellent – don’t leave home without it.

Is it possible the Unabomber had a point? (Not the actual bombing thing, of course, but maybe some of the rest of it…?) He certainly warned us about the dangers of technology. Too bad he chose violence as the solution.

13-year-old kid designs time travel device. We think.

Genetically modified astronauts – could this be the only way mankind ever gets to deep space?

Adam and John welcome our new Octopus Overlords.

And finally, the Mothman Returns! Don’t worry, Chicago – we’re sure it doesn’t mean a thing…

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