Podcast 84: Weather Warfare, Listener’s True Haunting, Montauk Revisited, Voynich Mystery Solved, A.I. Apocalypse

In this week’s episode, John and Adam start off talking shit… literally.  😉
The Dark Files debuts tonight on the History Channel. Kudos to Christopher Garetano for getting his work to a wider audience. And, if you want to hear more about Aliens, Time Travel, and the Montauk Project you can listen to our podcast on it here. We also have an interview with Garetano here.
What accounts for this insane weather? The West coast is burning, while the Southeast gets pummeled with multiple record-breaking hurricanes. Oh sure, the weather’s always been unpredictable and crazy, but you have to admit, it’s getting ridiculous. Can we just chalk it up to good ol’ Climate Change? Or is there something more insidious going on… like Geoengineering or Weather Modification? Sound crazy?
Well, watch this crazy environmental scientist use FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) in a TED Talk to propose such a thing to solve… you guessed it, climate change:
For an alternative perspective to this idiocy, watch this instead:
One of our loyal listeners, Brad, shares his terrifying experiences with a dark entity (or entities) terrorizing his household – as it happens!
A.I. “gaydar” is getting scary good. How good? Well, let’s just say it’s much better than Adam’s.
What’s Elon Musk whining about now!? Why, nothing less than the END OF ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT! Our favorite high-tech Chicken Little provides this week’s doom watch.
And finally, the infamous Voynich Manuscript, the mysterious manuscript that has baffled experts for decades, is finally revealed for what it truly is: A Medieval Ladies Home Journal. How do we know it’s for real? Because it’s BORING.
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