Podcast 83: Killer Clowns, Taylor Swift is a Reptilian Baby Mama, Death in Space, Cats See Ghosts, Roadkill Cuisine, Witchcraft on the Hudson, Apocalypse Top 10, Nazca Alien Mummy

Fall’s coming! That means IT’S killer clown time again!

Since the world is always ending these days, it’s probably a good idea to know where to get some grub when the shit finally does go full Mad Max. Introducing John and Adam’s apocalyptic guide to roadkill cuisine…

And speaking of the end, the greatest minds on Earth give us: The 10 Greatest Threats to Humanity.

Has an alien mummy been found in Peru? Where have we heard this one before?

Quiz Time! Is Taylor Swift a:

  • Secret Nazi
  • Reptilian Baby Mama
  • Clone
  • Illuminati Beta Sex Kitten
  • All of the Above

And speaking of puss… er, I mean felines, can Cats See Ghosts?  We say, hell yeah they can!

Plus, Witchcraft on the Hudson, and a new Devil’s Tower UFO Rendezvous! So, join us for another exciting episode of Magical Mystery Radio…

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