Podcast 81: Solar Eclipse Lizard Men, Cryptid Roadkill, Requiem for a Jetsons Future, More Fun With Shills, New DB Cooper Clues

In this week’s episode, John returns with another exciting episode of, What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?, which can be summed up with a meme:

Rabbit season! Duck season! Elmer season! That moment when you realize you’re being played by the Ruling Class.

Beware the solar eclipse on August 21st. Especially, if you’re in South Carolina. Apparently, that’s when the Lizard Man comes out!

And speaking of scaly cryptids, why no roadkill?

Yet another DB Cooper clue.

Astroturfing and more fun with paid shills: you are being fed disinformation on a massive scale.

Requiem for a Jetsons future. All those Utopian visions of the future never really panned out, did they?

You are being gangstalked!

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The mystery of Angelyne – solved at last! Whew, glad we got that one out of the way. We were losing sleep.

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