Podcast 78: Paid Shills, Sinister Buttocks, STAR WARS Science Journal Sting, Lost Apollo Computers and Mystery Tapes, Trump Coup

After being accused of being a paid shill, Adam looks into actually becoming one.

What are Sinister Buttocks? You’ll have to listen to find out, but suffice it to say, all you college kids gotta’ stop using those idiotic apps to help you write your papers.  The professors are on to you!

It’s published in a science journal, so it must be true, right? One scientist exposes sham science journals by submitting a Star Wars-based study on midi-chlorians. Oh, and shame on you, George Lucas.

A lost stash of Apollo-era NASA computers and mystery tapes found in a dead engineer’s basement. So what does NASA do? Destroys the newly unearthed data. Shame on you, NASA.

And finally, John goes deep into the rabbit hole in this week’s edition of What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?, with ANONYMOUS warning of an impending coup. It’s the Deep State vs. Donald Trump in a fight to the finish. Will Trump be removed from office?  Or will he, like some post-modern reality TV style George Washington, rise from the clutches of defeat and claim victory in what’s being called a second American Revolution?  According to the “word on the street”, we’re about to find out, so fasten your seat belts…

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