Podcast 77: Bohemian Grove, Reptilian Cult Murder, Nessie in North Carolina, Evil Kentucky Schoolhouse, Underwater Ghost Towns, Alex Jones: The Musical

In keeping with what’s turning out to be a summer theme of all things Illuminati, in this week’s podcast we talk about the elite’s favorite summer playground, Bohemian Grove.

Located in the beautiful redwoods of Monte Rio, California, this yearly get-together of the rich and powerful has been a tradition since 1872.  Founded by a group of actors, artists, and other like-minded bohemians, the retreat has morphed into an exclusive summer camp for the business and entertainment elite.  Since then, a number of conspiracy theories have blossomed around the secretive gathering, fueled mostly by the fact that… well, it’s so damn secret.

Are any of these conspiracies true?  Join us as we take a peek behind the scenes and discover whether or not the Bohemian Grove is a Midsummer Night’s Dream… or Nightmare!  Oh hell, just watch the Cremation of Care ceremony and get it over with:

Now You’ve Been Initiated

Also, strange facts you never knew about the moon landing.  No, it’s not about faking the moon landing. On second thought, maybe… naah.  😉

Did you know North Carolina has its own “Nessie”? It’s either that or some genetically modified mutant. Naturally, this leads us into a discussion about America’s haunted underwater towns.

Whatever you do, don’t go to Elsewhere, Kentucky!  We mean it!  Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Paging David Icke, paging David Icke… please pick up the white courtesy phone for a reptilian cult murder in Pennsylvania.

And finally, Alex Jones (who snuck into the Bohemian Grove in 2000 and lived to tell the tale), rants to indie rock. Yes, snuck is a word…  you elitists!

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