Podcast 76: Chemtrails, The Illuminati Want YOU, Object Teleported Into Space, We Live in an Occultocracy, Amelia Earhart Revisited

Ever wondered how you could join The Illuminati?  In the old days, you had to be rich, or famous, or be born into it. You also probably had to sell your soul.

But not anymore! Now you just need an e-mail address. And maybe a healthy dose of gullibility.

Being a member of the most exclusive secret society in the world has never been easier.  Thanks Illuminati!

And speaking of The Illuminati, did you know we’re not actually living in a democracy, but an Occultocracy? That’s according to a Michael Black, who has some fascinating and, yes, illuminating videos explaining how sinister occult forces may be behind some of the most destructive political ideologies of the last couple of centuries.

Check this one out here:

Very David Lynch with the lighting and attire.

Have Chinese scientists succeeded in teleporting the first object into space?  Well, okay, the headline is a bit misleading, but it’s still very cool.  And who knows, maybe one day…

Also, why do people believe in Chemtrails?  Maybe because some of it is actually true.

And finally, Adam and John share the results of their PoliticalCompass.org personality assessments.  The results may surprise some of you.

Oh yeah, and that Amelia Earhart photo that “proved” she died a prisoner in Japan? Well, not so fast


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