Podcast 74: Is the Universe Conscious?, Rob Lowe Bigfoot Encounter, Mysterious Space Machines, Alien Life Announcement, Ancient Man Could Not See Blue

In this week’s podcast, we talk about the John Lenard Walson photographs and videos of mysterious machines in space.  Hoax? A trick of the light? Secret space program? Alien invasion?  You decide:

And speaking of alien invasion, is NASA about to announce evidence of extraterrestrial life?

We also have several Bigfoot updates: A crowdfunding campaign for DNA proof; an encounter with a lion-maned hominid in Arkansas; and actor Rob Lowe’s harrowing encounter with the elusive “wood ape” in the Ozark Mountains.

Panpsychism: the theory that everything in the universe possesses some degree of consciousness. Is this experimentally provable? Some scientists think it is.

Also, did you know that no one could see the color blue until modern times? It’s true. What does this say about our perception of reality?

And finally, another depressing episode of What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?, where John discusses his theory that the whole Trump/Russia collusion narrative might be being used to force Trump into getting onboard the decades long regime change agenda for Syria and, eventually, Iran.  Will this all lead to WWIII?  We hope not, but things aren’t looking good right now.

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