Podcast 70: Alien Megastructure, Seth Rich Redux, Fish Rain, Katy Perry Illuminati

In this week’s podcast:

NASA has detected hundreds of mysterious flashes coming off of our planet.  Unfortunately, the mystery is solved by the end of the article.  Don’t you hate that?

But never fear, alien megastructure mystery returns!  And they still don’t know what it is.  Evidence of an advanced civilization? A couple of real life astronomers think so.

We also revisit the Seth Rich murder conspiracy, and Adam follows up with his own investigation and renders his verdict.  So far we seem to have a hung jury. But you have to ask yourself: Why is this particular conspiracy off-limits to the media, yet the Russian conspiracy is fair game?  Apparently, some conspiracies are more acceptable than others.

Fish rain down on a school in northern California!  Finally, a real live Fortean enigma happens in real time.  Adam is all giddy.

Oh, and did you know Katy Perry joined the Illuminati?  It’s true!  We know, because the internet says so.

Join us for another episode of the magical and mysterious in our world.

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