Podcast 68: Antichrist Top 10, Cyborg Future, “Anonymous” World War III Warning, How to Survive a Nuclear Blast

Who is the Antichrist this time?

We reveal the current most likely candidate, and review the top 10 potential Antichrists you never considered. Hint: Think Tim Burton’s BATMAN RETURNS.

Trump fires Comey amid Russian investigation! Evidence of a “Nixonian” cover-up? Nah. When all the dust settles, there’ll be nothing much to see here, folks… move along…

Hacktivist group “Anonymous” warns we are on the verge of World War III:

But don’t worry, because…

YOU could survive a nuclear holocaust – using only a power bar, a sturdy desk, and a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Oh, and some duct tape… don’t forget the duct tape.

And if you do survive, you’ll surely live in a transhumanist world of AI-enhanced minds, artificial sentience, and synthetic artistes.

Also, John discusses the recent French election in this week’s WHAT’S THE WORD ON THE STREET, JOHNNY?  Was the election stolen?  Nope.  But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some funny business going on.  That said, the conspiracy chatter on this issue is a prime example of why it’s important to think critically and not believe everything you read and hear.

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