Podcast 53: HOLLOW EARTH: Agharti, Antarctica Aliens, Admiral Byrd, Lost Civilizations, Nazi UFOs

So, interested in the Hollow Earth are you?   So are we! Well, John is anyway.

Most people, when they hear about the Hollow Earth, just roll their eyes and immediately think the person talking must have a “Hollow Head”.  Either that, or they’re some kooky relative of the flat-earther crowd.

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way right now.  The earth isn’t “hollow”, and it’s definitely not flat. Jesus!  We might have overactive imaginations, but we’re not totally out of our friggin’ minds.  Well, John might be, but that’s another story.

Actual map of the Hollow Earth!

The reality is, however, that stories of a mysterious underground kingdom inhabited by an advanced race of beings has been around for… well… ever.  In fact, most cultures have tales of a subterranean lost world hidden from mankind.  These same cultures all share some common legends: the creation myth, the flood myth, and the underground utopia myth.

But are these entirely myths?  Is it possible, however remote, that they’re all based on something real?

For example, we know there are vast underground tunnels and cave systems throughout the world, many unexplored.  Is it possible that some unknown race of beings, terrestrial or otherwise, exists in one of these uncharted areas?  Is this where the flying saucers come from?  Ascended Masters?  Wait, wouldn’t that be “descended”?  Anyway, who the hell are the Vril-Ya?  Did Admiral Byrd discover the secret?  Did the Nazis?  And how does the legend of Atlantis factor into all of this?

These are just some of the questions we endeavor to ask as we probe into the deep recesses of the Internet to find answers.  What.  You think we’re going to go out and actually look for it ourselves? Forget it.  We’re homebodies, man!

Sadly, there are no decent documentaries on the Hollow Earth theories.  So, we found a lecture by a Dr. Hank (Crank?… just kidding) Krastman as a starting point from which to explore these ideas.  He’s not the best speaker, and the video leaves a lot to be desired, but he does raise some interesting questions that we felt were worthy of discussion.

You can check it out here:

Dr. Hank Krastman demonstrates compelling evidence for an entrance to the Hollow Earth and how UFO’s relate to the center of this planet. The Hopi Indians have legends telling how and where to enter the Hollow Earth! You have to see this to believe it!

Wait. What the Hell?! Written in the 1800s. Talk about Predictive Programming.

However, for those who wish to dive deeper into this fascinating topic, we (or rather John) recommends The Lost World of Agharti: The Mystery of Vril Power by Alec MacLellan.  It’s certainly one of the best books out there on the subject of the subterranean legend, and even claims to have pinpointed where the capitol of this lost kingdom, Shamballah, may actually exist.  Fascinating read.

Other places to check out for information include:

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