Podcast 52: Trump Week One, New JFK Theory, Mars War Evidence, Pig/Human Hybrid

Nothing happened this week. Surely one of the most uneventful first weeks of any presidency. Right? Ha.

John and Adam continue to struggle against the whirling, inescapable vortex that is Trump. In fact it takes us nearly an hour to escape its irresistible pull, which is why this show lasts nearly two hours.

And in that two hours we discuss:

  • Trump’s disruptive first week in office.  Grab your popcorn, kids!  The show’s just started.
  • Evidence of an ancient battle on Mars.
  • JFK killed by accident?
  • Science breakthroughs: time crystals, metallic hydrogen – and a human/pig hybrid.
  • Elite freakout and Silicon Valley doomsday bunkers.
  • Google Earth captures alien abduction?
  • 1950s TV show predictive programming.
  • Chaos and Choronzon rising from the abyss!

And more, much more!