Podcast 47: Physics of Consciousness, Real Hunger Games, Quantum Computers, Crop Circles as Blueprints

Was this the worst year ever? Of course it was. In a latte-sipping, spoiled rotten, first-world-problems kind of way.

In this supersized year-end extravaganza we defenestrate 2016 and discuss literally everything:

We follow up on our crop circles episode with exclusive updates from the inventor featured in the film A Field Full of Secrets.

We discuss Dr. Evan Harris Walker’s groundbreaking book The Physics of Consciousness. Could Dr. Walker’s theories explain quantum strangeness, paranormal phenomena, even the nature and origin of mind? What about the unpublished masterpiece he apparently left behind when he died? Could it really be – as his former literary agent has said – the most important book of science ever written?

This leads us to discuss the proclamations of Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave Systems, a quantum computer manufacturer. Are quantum computers a point of convergence for parallel realities? Are we truly on the verge of creating artificial minds that will render humanity obsolete?

How decadent has modern society become? If the real-life Hunger Games-style reality show Game2: Winter is any indication, we may well have reached the point of no return.

John shares a new edition of What’s the Word on the Street – featuring a prediction of “massive financial shock” in early 2017, and the unlikely return of the “birther” controversy.

All this and much more!

Oh, and a correction from John:

I said Craig Murray was a UN Ambassador, but he was actually the British ambassador to Uzbekistan:

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