Podcast 45: Parallel Universes, Trump Prophecies, Buzz Aldrin Tweets of Antarctic Evil

Buzz “Balls” Aldrin tweets a dire warning after falling ill in Antarctica: “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.” What’s going on here? Is he just messing with us? Or are we all about to experience the bone-chilling terror of an invading horde of refrigerated reptilians?

Does this video prove that Christian charismatic Kim Clement predicted the Trump presidency in 2007?

How do peanut butter, Queen, and Berenstain Bears prove the existence parallel universes? Let’s play the Mandela Effect game! 

And finally, we introduce a new segment: “What’s the word on the street, Johnny?”

Remember how John said he likes to start on the fringe and work his way toward the center? That this has been useful in divining the truth behind some of the dominant stories in the mainstream? That it’s even allowed him to predict certain global events with occasionally disturbing accuracy?

Well, now you can have a glimpse into the dank, foreboding rabbit hole that is John’s mind.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here…

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