Podcast 31: STRANGER THINGS Freaks Out DoE, Trump the Id Monster, Clowns Vs. Robots

(Note: That feature image was “borrowed” from this blog, which happens to be making pretty much the same point about the Trumpster.)

Documents Reveal Stranger Things Really Freaked Out the Department of Energy

Guy sends in a Freedom of Information Act request for any documents circulated within the Department of Energy related to the Netflix show Stranger Things. Figures it might be fun to read what the fictitious bad guys’ real-life counterparts have to say about their portrayal in the hit show. He certainly doesn’t expect hundreds of documents relating to human experimentation and actual research into parallel universes.


As he says, “this is… more than I expected.”

And to complete our trilogy of government-sanctioned fringe stories:

How aliens and Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell got tangled up in WikiLeaks emails

Juiciest part of that Wikileaks dump? Astronaut Edgar Mitchell wrote Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, asking for an urgent meeting about “disclosure and zero point energy,” promising to “bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI.”

Aliens built space base on Earth 7,000 YEARS AGO to discover PLANET X, minister claims

Elsewhere on Earth: Minister of Transport Kazem Finjan casually mentions that the world’s first airport was constructed in Iraq thousands of years ago by ancient aliens.


Hillary the Robot Vs. Trump the Clown: A Freudian/Jungian Perspective

Could there possibly be a connection between the rise of Donald Trump and the national epidemic of coulrophobia? Why, of course there is! Clearly, what we’re seeing here is the projection of our collective inner child’s anxieties and obsessions on the national stage.


Rampaging clowns. Soulless robots. Welcome to the 2016 presidential election campaign.

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