Podcast 28: Trump is Andy Kaufman, Giant Octopus Attacks NYC, Exorcists Needed!, Pumpkin Pie Truth


Well, I mean… sure, why not? Is Donald Trump just a variation of Kaufman’s Tony Clifton persona? There’s a big part of both John and me that wants to believe it’s true. He has to be having us on, right? This is all a joke, right? A clever ruse designed to hold a mirror to our society so we can see just how far we’ve fallen, how coarse our national dialogue has become, how sorely in need of reform is our education system. Right?

‘Emergency’ need for exorcists after surge in people dabbling in Satanism and black magic

That pretty much says it all. There’s an exorcist shortage. As the population grows, you’ve got to figure the number of possessed individuals will grow along with it. So there you go, a trending career track for all you struggling, aimless millennials.

Artist Tricks Tourists With Elaborate Monument To Staten Island Ferry Octopus Attack

I love this so much. An New York artist has erected a monument – with accompanying multimedia materials – to the great giant octopus attack of 1963. You remember that, don’t you? No? Well, that’s because it occurred the same day as the JFK assassination. The story got buried. Well, now the victims of this terrible tragedy are receiving their recognition, so very long overdue.

Dilbert has gone fascist: The strange unrequited love Scott Adams seems to have for Donald Trump

Dilbert was never my thing. Every now and then I might get a small chuckle out of one of the strips, but that’s about it. I’m more of a classic Bloom County kind of guy. Turns out Scott Adams’ blog is far more interesting than anything he’s ever doodled. Also, turns out Scott Adams is the pointy-haired boss.

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