Podcast 26: Apocalypse Not!, Stolen Ghost, Quantum Teleportation, Rapture Origins

Another Friday, another end-of-the-world scenario come and gone. We’re thinking of making this a regular feature: State of the Apocalypse.


This guy recorded a message repeating over and over and over (and over) on his car radio: “Trump will go 26th…” What does it mean? Was the station hacked? Is it a message from beyond? From the future? From the Illuminati A/V club?

Pretty freaky stuff. But then, it is New Jersey.

British Pub Claims Its Ghost Was Stolen, Demands Chinese Artist Return It

A Chinese artist has stolen a ghost from a 765-year-old British pub. It’s a political act, you see, a statement against Britain’s long history of colonialism. The pub wants it back, of course. The artist says he’ll give up the ghost – but only if it wants to return. Are there custody laws on the books for situations like this?

En-Gedi Scroll Virtually Unwrapped

What they can’t do these days: An unreadable scroll, indistinguishable from a chunk of charcoal – damaged in a long-ago synagogue fire – has been virtually unfurled and decoded. This is now the oldest extant original piece of biblical writing. What have we learned? Astonishingly, the Book of Leviticus as known today is 100% identical to the original version. 2,000 years of transcription and not one character out of place.


The Rapture Theory – Its Surprising Origin

On the other hand, did you know that the Rapture myth is only about a century old? That there’s nothing in the bible about it? That it’s a folk tradition beginning with one 19th century woman’s fever dream? This is a fascinating case study in the creation of a modern dogma.

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