Podcast 24: Nessie, Apocalypse Next Week, Hillary Body Double, Fish from the Sky

Approaching Asteroid (WhereWillYouBe.org)

Where will you be September 23, 2016? More important, where will you be on the 24th? Or WILL you be? Like, at all?

I spent way too much time this week going down the rabbit hole with the nameless proprietor of WhereWillYouBe.org, a surprisingly articulate manifesto warning of impending apocalypse and pleading with the reader to make ready for the Rapture. Which is probably going to happen next week.

This site is actually an excellent case study in synchromysticism, packed with fine examples of “predictive programming” – that is, pop-culture fortune-telling. Check it out. But if we don’t see you back here in an hour we’re coming after you.

Most convincing picture of the Loch Ness monster ever taken?

I admit it. When I saw the picture I thought, this is finally it! We finally have a picture of a slimy, tumbling serpent-thing in that dark Scottish Loch many miles away…

But then somebody went and ruined it, pointing out that the creature’s head bears a striking resemblance to the head of a sea lion. And that the water in the foreground is way too muddy to be very far from shore. And that there’s really no way to know where this photo was taken.


‘Concussion’ Pathologist Claims Trump And Putin Have Poisoned Hillary

So, yeah. The pathologist behind the NFL story that was made into a movie with Will Smith… he says Hillary was poisoned. By Trump and Putin. What can I add to that?

WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports “Hillary Clinton’s DEATH”

In more Hillary news, her death was announced on live television in New York. Slip of the tongue? Leak of the truth? Don’t know, but it’s weird.

And finally…

Catfish falls from sky at Philadelphia park, hits woman in face

We’ll just leave that there.

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