Podcast 20: Clown Terror, SETI Alien Signal, St. Louis UFO, Snopes Reliability

What the hell is going on? ‘Creepy clown’ panic spreads from South Carolina to Ohio

Who doesn’t love clowns? We all love clowns… right? Actually, I was never afraid of clowns when I was a kid. Santa Claus? Yes. (I mean, he was a big, red guy who broke into my house and passed judgment on me while I was sleeping. That was creepy.) Clowns, I was always cool with.

THIS, however, is not cool. From South Carolina to Ohio, kids are reporting terrifying encounters with clowns attempting to lure them with cash, candy, and threats of violence. There comes a point where it’s not funny.

Signal from sun-like star likely of Earthling variety

Surely you’ve heard the news. We’ve made contact with alien intelligence. Again! We’ve proved the existence of extraterrestrial life. Again!

No, wait. False alarm. Back to your lives, citizens.

Tell you what, wake me up when they land on the White House lawn. Better, wake me when they’ve proven the White House lawn landing wasn’t staged.

UFO over the St. Louis Arch? More video surfaces of unexplained lights

This summer, UFOs hovered over St. Louis’s landmark Gateway arch. UFOs, as in Unidentified Flying Objects.

Extraterrestrial visitors? Who knows? Maybe. I mean, what would it take for an extraterrestrial to really get our attention these days? What kind of sighting would truly captivate the masses? What could “they” do that we couldn’t?

We could be inundated with bug-eyed looky-loos zipping around on intergalactic scooters, and we still wouldn’t believe it.

Drone? Blacks Ops test? Radio-controlled Millennium Falcon?


Life working for Snopes, in the service of facts.

Thousands of people depend on Snopes.com to cut through the BS and expose the truth. Their role is more important now than ever, as social media grows and the informational noise reaches cacophonic proportions.

But how reliable is Snopes? What are their journalistic standards? Are we just adding to the confusion having them do our homework for us?

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