Podcast 2: Is Everything A RICH MAN’S TRICK?

JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick (2014 Video)
Writing Credits
Francis Richard Conolly … (as Francis R Conolly)
Francis Richard Conolly … Himself – Presenter


From JFK to 9/11.  Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.  Everything, you say?  It can’t possibly be EVERYTHING, right?  Yeah, we know what you nitpickers, naysayers, and semantic warriors of all things petty are thinking and, superficially, you’re right. Obviously, not everything can be a rich man’s trick. But, a little excusable hyperbole aside, so much of our world’s problems do stem from obscenely rich men using the world as their private sandbox, that it makes such arguments trivial.

Now why do we bring this up?  Because so much of the discourse that comprises conspiratorial debate these days gets bogged down in pedantic particulars, that everyone (well, not EVERYONE) seems to miss the larger picture.

And that’s what this documentary accomplishes.  The big picture.  The gestalt of why we’re fucked.  So, yes.  Everything really is a rich man’s trick.

Written and produced by Francis Richard Conolly, JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick explains the who, how, and why behind the JFK assassination and the events leading up to 9/11. The film chronicles the ascension of the “Robber Barons” of the Industrial Revolution, the advent of WWI, and the revelation by those in power that, as General Smedley D. Butler so astutely observed, War is a Racket.  And a very profitable one too.

After years of research into the JFK Assassination he realised that the conspiracy was much deeper and wider reaching than anyone had ever thought. He explains the origins of the people involved and goes into great detail as to how the assassination was planned and executed, bringing to light lots of new information as to how it was done, who did what and naming all the names in the plot. The film then goes on to explain what this group of people are doing right now to pull the wool over our eyes and control our every waking thought, exactly as Orwell predicted.

Providing a broad historical context behind some of the biggest crimes of the 20th century, this fascinating 3 1/2 hour documentary not only explains it all for you, it even names names.  Yes, all the usual suspects are identified, but so are many you’ve probably never heard of who were (are) the real fascist conspirators behind the scenes.

Join us as we dive into the deep end and discover how the real world works.

Newly discovered color still of JFK, Jackie, and Governor John Connelly just moments before the fatal shots. Credit: Paul and Andre Leche.

Newly discovered color still of JFK, Jackie, and Governor John Connelly just moments before the fatal shots. Credit: Paul and Andre Leche.


Wow.  This film is nothing short of remarkable, as it distills a veritable mountain of research into a compelling narrative that, if true, will completely change your view of history.  In short, you’ve been lied to about… well, just about everything.  And those lies have been carefully orchestrated by some of the most powerful men in the world to keep you in the dark about how things really work.

Reality becomes the myth, and the myth becomes reality.

Oh sure, many of the revelations have been uncovered before in books such as Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by Peter Dale Scott, the work of Jim Marrs, and many many others, but no one to our knowledge has done so with such clarity and precision.

The JFK assassination is arguably where modern day conspiracy theory really started.  So much of it has been researched, written about, and debated, it’s difficult to find anything new and interesting under the sun.  In fact, we were initially reticent to even broach this particular topic, as it just seemed… how should we put it… old hat?  Oswald did it, Oswald didn’t do it, the CIA did it, the FBI did it, anti-Castro Cubans did it, the Mafia did it, etc. etc.

However, all that quickly changed after watching just the first few minutes, as it was apparent we were in for something truly unique to the genre.  Not only does it cover the usual who, what, when, where, and how it all went down but, more importantly, it covers the why.  

And that’s where this film derives its greatest strength.  It explains why.

So, who is Francis Richard Conolly?  Not much is known about him, as a cursory Google search only reveals a few tidbits.  Regardless, he’s done an incredible job of synthesizing a very complex tale into one of frightening simplicity.

Our only criticism is that he didn’t delve into 9/11 as much as we’d like, however, considering the enormity of the subject, we understand that three and a half hours just isn’t enough time to do justice to both.  We hope he continues his research and completes a sequel in the near future.  Even at another three and a half hours, we’ll certainly watch it.

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