Podcast 31: STRANGER THINGS Freaks Out DoE, Trump the Id Monster, Clowns Vs. Robots

Documents Reveal Stranger Things Really Freaked Out the Department of Energy

Guy sends in a Freedom of Information Act request for any documents circulated within the Department of Energy related to the Netflix show Stranger Things. Figures it might be fun to read what the fictitious bad guys’ real-life counterparts have to say about their portrayal in the hit show.

He certainly doesn’t expect hundreds of documents relating to human experimentation and actual research into parallel universes.

Podcast 30: Is Income Tax Illegal? AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM

Is the federal income tax unconstitutional? Is it a fraud perpetrated by a cabal of sneaky elites pushing their self-serving agenda through nefarious means? That would be nice, wouldn’t it? I mean, who loves paying taxes?

Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism was a passion project for him. He put this thing together in the last years of his life as he struggled under a $2 million tax debt. He was certain he had found evidence of the unconstitutionality of the United States Federal Income Tax, and was determined to spread the word far and wide, calling for nothing short of revolution.

More accurately, he was certain he had not found evidence of the constitutionality of the tax code. But does lack of such evidence equate with the illegitimacy of the income tax?

Podcast 29: The Simulation Hypothesis

What would you say if I told you that everything you see, everything you taste, touch, and do, it’s all an illusion? Would you say I’d seen The Matrix a few too many times? Well, this seems to be an affliction affecting some prominent physicists and philosophers these days.

Turns out there’s actual scientific evidence for the idea that we are all living in a carefully crafted simulation. Are we in fact merely sprites in a video game played by some disaffected teenager sitting on a cosmic bed in some “greater” reality?

The Simulation Hypothesis is a documentary offering a brief overview of the theories and science behind this notion. It’s not all as implausible as it sounds.

Podcast 28: Trump is Andy Kaufman, Giant Octopus Attacks NYC, Exorcists Needed!, Pumpkin Pie Truth


Is Donald Trump just a variation of Kaufman’s Tony Clifton persona? There’s a big part of both John and me that wants to believe it’s true. He has to be having us on, right? This is all a joke, right? A clever ruse designed to hold a mirror to our society so we can see just how far we’ve fallen, how coarse our national dialogue has become, how sorely in need of reform is our education system. Right?

Podcast 26: Apocalypse Not!, Stolen Ghost, Quantum Teleportation, Rapture Origins


This guy recorded a message repeating over and over and over (and over) on his car radio: “Trump will go 26th…” What does it mean? Was the station hacked? Is it a message from beyond? From the future? From the illuminati A/V club?

Pretty freaky stuff. But then, it is New Jersey.

Podcast 24: Nessie, Apocalypse Next Week, Hillary Body Double, Fish from the Sky

Where will you be September 23, 2016? More important, where will you be on the 24th? Or WILL you be? Like, at all?

I spent way too much time this week going down the rabbit hole with the nameless proprietor of WhereWillYouBe.org, a surprisingly articulate manifesto warning of impending apocalypse and pleading with the reader to make ready for the Rapture. Which is probably going to happen next week.

Podcast 22: Star Trek Based on Secret Space Fleet, SpaceX UFO Attack, Supertramp Predicted 9/11, Neil Armstrong’s Missing “A”


Gene Roddenberry hung out with the producer of The Outer Limits, who was the son of Vice Admiral Leslie Stevens, who hung out with reptilian extraterrestrials, who gave us secret space technology and sponsored humankind for admission into the galactic federation.


Well, we’re pretty sure Roddenberry hung out with the producer of The Outer Limits. At least once.

Podcast 20: Clown Terror, SETI Alien Signal, St. Louis UFO, Snopes Reliability

Who doesn’t love clowns? We all love clowns… right? Actually, I was never afraid of clowns when I was a kid. Santa Claus? Yes. (I mean, he was a big, red guy who broke into my house and passed judgment on me while I was sleeping. That was creepy.) Clowns, I was always cool with.

THIS, however, is not cool. From South Carolina to Ohio, kids are reporting terrifying encounters with clowns attempting to lure them with cash, candy, and threats of violence. There comes a point where it’s not funny.

Podcast 18: Stranger Things, Human Sacrifice at Cern, How to Spot a BS News Story

In the first of our weekly “grab-bag” podcasts we discuss a cornucopia of contemporary curiosities, including:

Human sacrifice at Cern.

No, really. Someone captured footage of an apparent ritual sacrifice in the courtyard outside the Large Hadron Collider. We are not making this up. Hoax? Joke? Desperate attempt to forestall the apocalypse? You decide.