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    Hey Guys, I saw this and thought of the MSM bias conversation.


    It’s stuff like this (and last week’s press conference with Trump) that really highlight the problem with the media at the moment. Journalistic credibility is non-existent these days and I’m wondering whether Trump will ever be able to highlight this to the extent that outlets start to reevaluate their standards. I mean, how are we to believe their reports on Russian hacking (or anything else) if they can’t even concoct a fair polling process?

    And forgetting the media for a moment, I have a hard time understanding how Liberals don’t understand the Right’s frustration with things. I mean… HELLO???

    I’m not trying to make this a Left vs. Right thread. I’m just amazed by the lack of empathy from Democrat voters towards Republicans right now. We all read, hear and watch the same MSM. To deny or ignore the bias is an enabling (and disturbing) behavior.  Is the problem that by admitting the bias exists, they have to admit they may have been wrong on numerous topics?

    And yes, I’m willing to acknowledge that the bias is a two-way street.  But the MSM is a major freeway while the media on the Right rides down a rural road with speed bumps.  The experiences are completely different.



    Yes, the Establishment (and dying) Media continue to make the same mistake over and over again, somehow expecting a different result… hey, wait a minute… I think that’s the definition of INSANITY. 😉

    Of course, it’s deliberate and not a mistake, but the analogy still applies.  For many decades (since their inception really) they were able to manufacture consent (i.e. reality) for the masses. Those days are gone, they just haven’t come to grips with it yet.  And anyway, how do you teach an old dog new tricks?

    The establishment left in this country jumped the shark a few years ago and, based on their continued reaction to the election, not fully grasping the paradigm shift that has occurred.  In fact, I’m actually worried about a lot of people’s mental health regarding this.  We already have a MH crisis on our hands, and this cognitive dissonance isn’t helping.

    Anyway, I could go on all night about this and, in fact, may write down all of my thoughts on this matter some day.  But for now, I’ll leave you with Rasmussen’s Latest Report which, I believe, is a much more accurate reflection of how people view Trump:


    Basically, the country’s divided.  And, in my opinion, never the twain shall meet again.



    Have you guys heard of the Cult of Kek ?

    What we are seeing two group elites fighting for control.  Moloch’s crew vs Kek’s crew.  Just want to say I love the show.



    Have you guys heard of the Cult of Kek ?

    I’ve only recently become aware of this, but it fascinates me nonetheless.  I first heard about “Pepe the Frog” when a friend of mine mentioned it as being associated with the alt-right.  Of course, he heard about it from left-wing media sources who were supporting Hillary, and who saw the image as a code for alt-right/white nationalist subculture on the Internet.  In other words, a “Cartoon Nazi Frog”.
    Curious, as well as now noticing the image since being brought to my attention, I took a cursory look into it.  I haven’t had the time to delve into it too deeply, but the phenomenon of “meme magic” is definitely something both Adam and I are interested in.  In fact, we did a podcast on Tulpas and Egregores (before being aware of Pepe), and this fits right into that.

    There’s definitely something deeper going on here than just the accusation that it’s a basket of nerdy fascist ‘deplorables’ who hate women.  Haven’t heard that it’s also a war between Moloch and Kek, but now that you mention it, that does make sense.  Two ancient deities battling it out in the matrix for the soul of mankind.

    Gotta’ love those 4Chan kids! 😉

    Fascinating subject, and something we’ll research further.  Certainly a topic for another full show.  So stay tuned…

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    Muchas Gracias.   Will listen to the show on tulpas.  You guys are great.  Keep up the good work.

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