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    hello there!

    I love the subject of sasquatch, and untill i get myself on a plane and out of england, chances are, im not gonna have the chance to go and investigate and have my own experience!!

    What i was wondering is –

    What do you all think is a convincing piece of video/photo??

    I understand theres lots of hoaxes and that the ‘good’ evidence is probly being hidden away somewhere, what do you all think?




    My favorite topic.

    Best pieces of evidence/footage are (not necessarily in this order):

    The Patterson/Gimlin Footage

    The Paul Freeman Footage

    The Redwoods Footage

    For a good scientific analysis of all the evidence, read Jeff Meldrum’s Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

    Or watch the documentary here:

    One more thing, the Yeti de Bourganeuf photos look legit to me.  Although it’s been claimed to be a hoax, I haven’t seen any definitive evidence that it is.

    Happy Squatchin’!



    Ive not seen the yeti de bourganeuf before, very interesting. The bit that bothers me about the patty film is its filmed on ‘bluff’ creek!!! But i believe a bluff is also a type of terrain!

    My personal favourite would have to be the pennsylvania white bigfoot, id like to say its real but who knows, ive never seen one!! I do know that if i saw him on my property, after swiftly makingg a mess in my pants id be out of there in an instant!!!

    Have you considered doing a show on sasquatch encounters?



    Well, we did do a Podcast on Bigfoot here:

    But that said, we will be doing more.  Keep listening!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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