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    Hey Guys!

    I believe you’ve discussed the subject of synchronicity in a past podcast episode.  I feel as though I recall John telling a story about how he was getting rid of some books from his collection.  If my memory is correct, John had opened a book that he hadn’t read in twenty years, began reading a few pages (covering a specific person or subject) and then left the house to run some errands.  As he is in the car, he finds NPR discussing the exact same subject.  Does this ring a bell at all?

    In any case, I’ve been a fan of synchronicity for years.  And as I’ve been aware of it, I’m finding that it has begun occurring much more frequently.

    Whether these “meaningful coincidences” actually mean anything is up for debate, but I do lean in the direction of believing that I’m not the only one noticing the increase in frequency.  My wife and I have joked for years about the “glitch in the Matrix” — and she and I will discuss the subject often.  She too has noticed the uptick in frequency. And not surprisingly, we’ll even share moments of synchronicity.  It’s spooky (and awesome).

    But in any case, I’m curious whether anyone else notices synchronicity and, similarly, has noticed an increase in it’s frequency.

    Thanks in advance!



    Synchronicity! One of my favorite topics as of late.  I’ve definitely noticed an increase of these episodes in my own life.  In fact, just tonight a couple of hours before we recorded the podcast on the Westall ’66 UFO Mystery, I had an anomalous sighting of my own (I recount it in the episode).  I’m sure there’s a prosaic explanation for what it was, and I’m looking into that, but the real anomaly is why it happened when it did.  I haven’t had a sighting that I couldn’t explain in years.  Yet just tonight, right before a podcast on a case of unidentified flying objects, I see one.  Weird!

    I’m not sure why these things are happening with greater frequency, but they are.  There’s no doubt about that. I’ve read (and heard) of several explanations for this.  Some say it’s a sign that you’re on the right path. Some say it’s part of the process of waking up from the illusory world of cause and effect.  Is it a glitch in the matrix?  A sudden awareness of the quantum reality underpinning all consciousness?  The trickster gods playing pranks? All of the above?

    I don’t know.

    Of course, many others say they’re just meaningless coincidences that have no real practical value, so why bother paying attention to them at all.  Well, I’m definitely in the camp of the former, because regardless of why they happen, the fact that they DO happen implies some kind of meaning – unless you believe the universe is meaningless, which I don’t.  I used to though, but then I also used to drink like Hunter S. Thompson, neither of which served me very well… but I digress.

    There’s a great book on this topic by Arthur Koestler called, The Roots of Coincidence, which I highly recommend.  There’s also a burgeoning subculture developing around what’s being dubbed “Synchromysticism” that you can read about here.  Also check out Loren Coleman’s blog called Copycateffect, wherein he explores the “twilight language” of hidden meanings and the synchromystic connections via the study of names and place names.   Fascinating and fun stuff.

    And speaking of fascinating and fun, if you haven’t already, check out Robert Anton Wilson’s work.  He loved this shit.



    Awesome, John — I can’t wait to hear the episode!

    And I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing the increase in frequency.  If you ask me, that’s the bigger story as it concerns synchronicity.  The fact that we’re noticing the uptick, and that it isn’t just one person’s sense that it exists is wha interests me.  It truly seems as if we (mankind) is experiencing an awakening — a point that I believe you have mentioned before.  This notion that we’re evolving our subconsciousness appears to have some validity.  How else can you (we) explain the feeling we’re all having?  Coincidence, right?  Ha — just kidding.

    A great (and recent) example of synchronicity for me was about a week ago.  I had a roommate in college that I use to party with all of the time.  We were great friends throughout school, but I  I made a conscious decision to quit hanging out with over time.  My decision was a tough one, but he really wasn’t a good person:  horrible to women, horrible at keeping his word… I had my reasons for distancing.  Hell, I didn’t invite him to my wedding.  I even unfriended him on social media.  I sort of quit our friendship cold turkey.  There was some guilt, but there was also a sense of relief.  He was a draining personality to have around.

    Anyway, I was driving in a vehicle with a coworker recently and we were reminiscing about college.  I told him some killer stories from my college life — many of which involved my former friend.  I had some seriously nostalgic vibes as I spoke and my colleague could tell.  I eventually got around to explaining why we were no longer close and they totally understood why I would cut ties.

    That night?  I get a Facebook friend request from my former roommate.  I haven’t spoken to him in over eight years.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Something is going on damn it, haha.



    Something indeed.



    Well, Brad, I’ve never been in this part of the forum until just a few moments ago when I stumbled on your post about David Paulides’ work on missing persons in National Parks. This morning at 5am, I posted about missing people from National Parks in the suggestion thread but couldn’t remember David Paulides’ name. I could only halfway remember one of the names of the missing.  Then I saw your post a few minutes ago.

    A few days ago, some friends of mine couldn’t believe that I had never heard the song I Want A Hippotamus For Christmas. They showed me the cute little video on the Internet. The next day, I heard it from the TV in the next room, but by the time I got in there it was over. Then I heard it on a TV in another room at the same friend’s house that first told me about it. I still haven’t actually seen it on TV but it must be on a commercial this year.

    My husband and I use the glitch in the matrix phrase all the time, too. 🙂

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