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    First of all been loving the show, I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work to keep my mind sane, mostly paranormal and political, and outside of the episode about the election it’s been great.
    However I have noticed something. The EBE hypothesis is overplayed. People like Dr. Steven Greer, George Noory, e.t.c. go way to far into a belief system where everything is an exterrestrial and don’t give enough thought to other ideas.

    You guys seem to have the opposite problem. Every single ufo and abduction seems too easily dismissed as a government conspiracy.

    I tend to agree with you in the sense that I think the majority of UFO sightings involve black projects and I even believe the Nazi connection but that can not explain all sightings and certainly not all close encounters.

    So my suggestion is to do a show where you explore the third option. The Extradimensionals, the Ultraterrestrials, the mystical/ multidimensional side of the UFO phenomon.

    Anyway just a suggestion and thanks for the great show!

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    Thanks for the feedback!  You’re right, the UFO phenomenon is obviously more complex than just the NAZI/Psyop vs. Extraterrestrial dialectic.  One of our favorite researchers Jacques Vallee in fact discusses this in his books, and he hypothesizes that the phenomenon may have both physical and non-physical dimensions.

    We’ve touched on this “third option”, but only briefly.  We will certainly explore this more deeply in future episodes.  One of our goals is to start interviewing other researchers (rather than just listen to ourselves talk), and Jacques Vallee is definitely on our list if we can get him.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and for supporting the show!






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