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    Hey guys, I really enjoyed the interview. You guys did a great job, as did he. The flow of conversation was organic and refreshing. I had never watched the film, despite listening to your past podcast discussion on it. But upon finishing the interview, I decided to watch it. With that said, I had a good 5+ hours of Francis yesterday. It was awesome.

    I have very little suspicion about the agenda of the film. I think Conolly is accurate with most of his interpretations. We may disagree on some nuanced matters, but on a whole – I think he’s right: we’re being played.

    One matter in which Conolly and I disagree is with regard to Trump. Maybe I’m naïve, but I look at what the media and establishment are doing to Trump, and I compare it to the hatred that Kennedy experienced. It’s from all angles and directions. They hate him with a passion that is authentic, IMO.

    And for the record, I’m not a Trump apologist.

    Also for the record: I hate that I have to qualify my sentiments regarding the Donald.

    Another matter that I found interesting was the lack of discussion pertaining to Bill Clinton. I think Clinton received a combined 30 seconds of acknowledgment. Really?? And Jimmy Carter managed to slip through the cracks, too. How does Connoly spend the later portion of his documentary discussing Middle East tensions and the fabrication of terror and skip these two knuckleheads???

    I know, I know. Republicans are evil. But can we agree that Democrats skated in this thing? Kennedy was a martyr and Bush is the devil (the literal devil, based on the film’s imagery).

    And I’m not saying I disagree. I’m just playing devil’s advocate. Pun intended.

    Lastly, I want to touch on the most significant topic of your interview: the throttling and sabotage of alt-ideas via tech. This is a subject that I’ve found noteworthy since the months leading up to the election. I’ve always suspected that this sort of manipulation was possible and occurring. I felt like I witnessed it regularly as we neared November of 2016.

    As an example, I’d frequently watch Facebook live streams with conservative talk radio hosts. One in particular, Ben Ferguson, would regularly have thousands of live viewers in his streams throughout the Republican primaries. These numbers stayed steady following Trump’s selection as the Republican nominee, but as we began to near November, the number of live viewers completely crashed — when the race was most interesting! And the throttling was a subject of conversation on his show every time. Ben noticed it. His audience noticed it.  The drop in audience was unreal. What was once a steady audience of <i>thousands</i>, suddenly became 200-300 people. And despite incredible share numbers, reach was minimal and would often cap at an audience near 1k. It was incredible to witness. And it wasn’t just Ben’s show. It was numerous shows. Between the capped audiences, or having the live stream interrupted (which required a relaunch of the stream and a reset in audience), it was clear that sabotage was occurring. And where there’s sabotage, there’s often collusion. The real kind.

    Maybe we should blame Russia. I’m curious as to how Conolly views that whole conversation. Sure, Trump is a “stooge” – but are we to really believe that Trump is on board with this mess?  Was he sabotaging live streams supporting his cause during the election???

    Prior to him running for office he was never viewed as a racist bigot or Russian sympathizer. But out of nowhere, he signed up to have his legacy tarnished, and for he and his family to be crucified in the court of public opinion, and in criminal hearings???

    I guess?

    In all seriousness. The interview was awesome. And Francis seems awesome, too. I can’t wait until the next release.



    One matter in which Conolly and I disagree is with regard to Trump. Maybe I’m naïve, but I look at what the media and establishment are doing to Trump, and I compare it to the hatred that Kennedy experienced. It’s from all angles and directions. They hate him with a passion that is authentic, IMO.

    I happen to agree with you.  It was one of my talking points, about the parallels between Trump, Kennedy, as well as Nixon, and how we might be witnessing a 21st century version of the same tactics to take down a political enemy, but after he dismissed that as being another “trick” (which surprised me btw), I decided to let it go and just continue the conversation organically.

    As with all of this stuff, there are details on which people will obviously disagree, which is great in many ways, as it helps everyone get out of their own echo chamber.

    Again, with Trump, I do still think they’re trying to take him down because he is an “outsider” and, whether you like him or not, I still get the sense he’s trying to change the system, which is really why the elite don’t like him.  He’s a strange mix of both Nixon and Kennedy, with a dash of Andrew Jackson, and it remains to be seen whether or not he’s a so-called “illuminati plant” or the real deal.  Either way, I think we’re going to find out soon.

    And, yes, you don’t have to be a Trump supporter, or even like the guy, to see what’s happening.  To me, it’s obvious.



    I recall you trying to make that connection — I appreciated it!  And much like yourself, I was surprised by his reaction.

    You know… it would be pretty ironic if Connoly was a paid shill.  I mean, you guys just did a podcast on the subject.  And in hindsight, Francis discusses “believable actors” towards the end of his documentary.  He even provides examples and tips on how to spot them.  Demonstrating these examples could be a clever way of deflecting.  Just saying.

    See where my mind has gone??!?

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    See where my mind has gone??!?

    Yep, I totally get it.  This is what happens when you dabble in conspiracy! 😉

    Conolly’s definitely not a “paid shill”, I can tell you that.  He’s a sincere “truth teller” doing what he believes will help humanity.  One of the good guys.  That said, whenever people are discussing current events, it’s sometimes difficult to suss out what the truth is – especially nowadays.  That’s why it’s easier to talk about past events, because we all have the benefit of hindsight in being able to analyze what actually happened.  It’s history, and you can use the documented clues to solve the crime.  Current events are in flux, happening in real time, and much more difficult to determine.  It’s like you know a crime is happening, but until it’s over and the crime scene cordoned off, you can’t really solve it.

    Also, people in this field often disagree on things, even if they’re not working for “the man”.  In fact, if you want to have some fun, just go to a UFO or conspiracy conference and watch the infighting.  It’s hilarious and frustrating all at the same time.

    Anyway, I always try to maintain a zen-like attitude when it comes to these things.  Try to stay grounded and keep my wits about me.  And, most importantly, maintain my sense of humor.

    Because, at the end of the day, as Bill Hick’s used to say, “It’s just a ride…”

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