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    Are we witnessing the beginning of WWIII? Let’s sure as hell hope not. But, let’s be honest, things are looking so great right now. I mean, is it a coincidence that the missile strike occurred exactly 100 years – to the day – after the US entered World War I?

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    Hello John and Adam,

    Let’s talk about the Syria thing, I’m not going defend any party in the Syrian civil war, actually I’m so depressed to find myself in a war that doesn’t belongs to me or us as a Syrian.

    The logic of analyzing who benefit from the CW attack in Idlib most likely to as a searched and then concluded was done by pro Syrian regime militia (included in the Syrian army) but they follow no orders from the government.

    It is complicated it is




    Love to hear more about your perspective. We’re prepping for a show tonight, so we’ll get back to you soon.






    If you are interested I’d like to start from 2000,

    – Assad the father died

    – Assad the son came to power with no reluctantly because he wasn’t prepared the one who was prepared called bassel and he died in a car accident in 1994

    – you might think there is deep state in Syria but actually it’s more like a mafia they kill they robb and they follow no orders they are baisd in lattakia province.

    – the government in Damascus is appealing they are progressive they know diplomacy very well but they have so little control.

    – the father made raids to control them many times but the son was to weak to control them he started but he failed the he swam with the current.

    – Iraq war put a huge stain on the Syrian economy and the Syrian society but the 2 million registered refugees, and i presume the other 2 million (i could not find source) not registered were not only refugees but more likely a militia any way you can imagine the rent coasts, the demand on all goods was high every thing became expensive.

    – the “working class” in Syria started to question the government because we did not have an opposition in the government, they demanded freedom of speech freedom of market it started like changing groups on streets but the hidden mafia did like that.

    – they started attacking the demonstrations, the release the prisoners (not the political ones) and the theft, crime rate spiked, in the same time they provided a black market for weapons and guns.

    – they have – since the iraq war began – a strong connections with terrorist groups and they know how to manipulate them, i meant in strong connections the know how to speak like them use their terminology.. etc.

    – the government wanted to convert the political battle to military one because they have no excuse (50 years in power with no advance, poor infrastructure corruption and every reason to lose the logical reason to stay in power), on the other hand the world climate is against terrorism against sunnies knowing that they are not all the same you have the spectrum from the leftist til the extremely fundamental “right” passing through the normal working class who just want to live normal like the other parts of the world (the society mainly was secular in Syria).

    I can go on but the beginning decided the trajectory of the Civil war.

    I’m sure you know most what I wrote but if you need any source i can provide you.




    Hey, thanks for the info and timeline. It’s always helpful to get the perspective from someone who’s lived it.

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