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    ZEITGEIST (2007) is a phenomenon. It is a meandering, globe-spanning, time-trotting epic of free association and paranoia. Here we have the “real trut
    [See the full post at: Podcast 58: ZEITGEIST]



    I hated this film so much that I almost passed on listening to the podcast.  But you guys did a great job of calling bullshit where it was necessary.  Thank you for that.




    Hey everyone, just listened to the podcast (probably should mention I liked the movie) I thought you did a good job of  critiquing the religion part although you seem to agree with the theme of it (that religion is bulshit) I’m glad you guys don’t accept things at face value and dig deeper. It probably is a film that preaches to the choir… I don’t expect many religious or right wing people to enjoy it lol.

    I think you still should give the second and third films a go, they are more about proposing a way forward without capitalism (a resource based economy) which they identify as one of the key reasons humanity is so fucked up and offer ideas as to how to implement it.



    I would also like to add that as a guy in my mid 20s the zeitgeist movie really spoke to me and if there was a zeitgeist movement group in England close to where I live I’d join in a flash, at least they are trying to propose a better way, unlike politicians of today who seem to think appeasing the economy is their sole purpose.

    Also Bill hicks and George carlin are my two favourite comedians and were brilliant people… Doesn’t seem to be many comedians like them today which is worrying.

    Peace out y’all



    I just listened to the podcast (Zeitgeist). Adam mentioned a theory that the molten metal was Aluminum.

    I don’t think so because molten Aluminum does not glow as much as the white hot molten steel in day light, i wasn’t there to have a say in that, but I’ve seen a lot of videos.

    Any way do not believe what i say, i believe in Aliens 🙂

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