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    ROOM 237 (Blu-ray)

    ‘The Shining’: The Craziest Theories Behind the Film

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    Why Stephen King Is Utterly Wrong About ‘Room 237’

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    Podcast 3 – KUBRICK’S ODYSSEY: Stanley Kubrick and the Great Moon Hoax



    I loved how A&J called b.s. on ol’ boy’s schlocky documentary. Great unbiased review!



    Love this guy… just found on youtube today:



    “Because that’s what puts the ‘sapiens’ in homosapiens. Without that, you’re just another homo.”



    Great catch, Adamski. And the guy sums it all up in 13 minutes. Must be a coded message about Apollo 13, the one mission that DIDN’T actually make it to the moon. Hehe…



    People often seem to fall into two camps regarding Kubrick. Either he faked the moon landing for the illuminati (who then murdered him decades later after eyes wide shut) and his movies are veiled messages about this and other esoteric ideas, for which he required absolute perfection, hence the tales of dozens of retakes, or he was really only interested in pretty compositions and all you tinfoil-hat-wearing goofballs need to stop watching the shining one frame at a time and get some fresh air.

    As usual, the truth is likely somewhere in between.

    I’ve been exploring the stacks at the library where I go to school. They have these things, I don’t know if you remember them… they’re called books… anyway, I found a couple of particular interest regarding Kubrick: one is called Stanley Kubrick Interviews, edited by Gene Philips, which is pretty self-explanatory, and the other is the book Kubrick by Michael Herr. In the Interviews, Kubrick expresses belief in some concepts the naysayers would be surprised by, such as ESP (Kubrick seems to have believed his cats were psychic; I’m serious) and the practicality of cryogenics.

    In Kubrick, Michael Herr (who wrote Dispatches) attempts to answer the question “Who was Stanley Kubrick?” by relating his personal impression based on ~20 years of interaction with the man, largely via marathon phone calls. His book portrays Kubrick as very friendly, talkative, and warm, but also as a man ready and willing, if necessary, to deceive and manipulate people in order to achieve his vision, which was often obscure to literally everyone around him. Herr claims, for example, that Kubrick told him that after he bought the rights to Traumnovelle, upon which Eyes Wide Shut is based, he bought every available copy of the book. I’m just gonna let that sit for a second. Who does that? Why? It belies the kind of personality who would totally (and this is a little bit of a pet theory of mine) do something like encode a false confession re: the moon landing, then wait patiently for people to decode it 20 years later, all the while maintaining a mischievous private smile and claiming to anyone who asked (including close collaborators, who frequently deride any and all subtextual readings of his films) that he did no such thing.

    So, whether Stanley actually shot the moon landing footage or revealed secret illuminati rituals or whatever else you can think of, I think it’s a safe bet that he was up to something beneath the surface. I don’t think it’s an accident that discussion of his films is still so vigorous almost 20 years after his death. I’d recommend both of these books to anyone interested in Kubrick.



    Sorry about the delay in responding to you. I just wanted to say I think it’s a really intriguing idea that Kubrick might have encoded a false conspiracy in his works… just to mess with us. It’s a nice middle ground that’s worthy of exploration.

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