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    Since the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack just passed I thought I would throw a topic out there.  I recently finished a book by Larry Loftis, titled INTO THE LION”S MOUTH, about a British double agent spy during WWII.  One of the interesting things that came out was about Dusko Popov giving information to the FBI about Japan’s planning an attack on Pearl Harbor.  My knowledge on this exact conspiracy theory of the attack was non-existent before reading this book.  I am starting my research into this tonight but if anyone has any info they would like to share that would be awesome.  (Bigfoot is real)

    “The most frightening information is the truth.”




    Hey Satchwood,

    There’s a good book about this called Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor.  I’m familiar with the book’s thesis, but I haven’t fully read it yet.  Another one for the list, as they say.

    Bigfoot IS real, man!



    Just ordered the book and going to give it a whirl.




    Darn, should have set up that Amazon affiliate account this weekend like I’d planned. 😉



    Oh, a podcast with a book club, too. I’m so in!  But not the FDR/Pearl Harbor ones.  I’ve seen too many movies/tv shows that cover that. I’m sure I’d learn a lot by reading either book, but I’m just not so excited about it.

    Welcome, Satchwood!  Let me know if the book is too good for me to miss.

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