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    Hello everybody,

    My name is Ahmad and i listened almost to every podcast you published.

    First i would like to apologize if my English wasn’t the best you read but I’ll try to minimize my mistakes.

    Im a Syrian who lived in Syria as kid and teenager and then started a carrier in marine Navigation (a ship captain)

    My generation (who were bore in the 1980s) was just you described in podcast cyper utopianism.. We believed now word came from state even weather news.

    We (my generation)  grew up mistrust the social government. The most of i knew were pro west culture and west values.

    Until 911.

    I have a lot to share if i was accepted between you guys and not been kicked out (as a Syrian refugee)

    And by the way i mostly agree with what you present in  your podcast.

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    Hey thanks for reaching out to us, Ahmad! And yes, you’re definitely welcome in this country as far as we’re concerned. 🙂

    People from all cultures and countries should be allowed to become citizens of the United States to pursue a better life. Especially if they’re escaping a war-torn country such as yours. Syria’s been used as a pawn in the global chess game for far too long. It’s tragic, as Syria has such a great history. I know I speak for Adam as well, when I say that we feel terrible about what’s happened to the Syrian people these last few decades.

    Thanks for listening to the podcast, and you’re welcome to reach out to us anytime.






    Thank you John, but I’m not in the US.

    I found your podcast because i searched for Francis Richard conolly.

    Right now I’m  in Germany

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