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    Hi Guys, really enjoy your your show. I work long days by myself either in a (remote) workshop or in the hills working in forestry so finding podcasts has kinda changed my life over the last year. I’m in Wales, UK but with the global political landscape as it is, finding 2 voices from the US who seem very much on my ‘level’, it’s been fascinating to hear the news from a less ‘regulated’ source. As much as I try to devour any news I get soooo bogged down in the predictability of both mainstream and alternative news streams.

    Anyway I always seem to have something to say when i’m working, alas it disappears when i get home, but I thought I’d try at least to say something as I do value your show.

    I’m slowly grappling with quantum physics. You dipped in to it and wondering if you’d do more. I’m the ultimate skeptic, if there is even a chance for a rational explanation I’m just not buying it. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the ride. And in my long and varied travels Super Position and Quantum Entanglement are the only things to truly blow my mind. Never been one for alternative dimensions as it seems just so abstract and unquantifiable.. so what’s the point. But much of the quantum world it’s kinda got me thinking!

    With my skeptic hat back on for a minute, what the hell is it with this missing 411. I hear it dragged up on numerous podcast chats. The way it’s being played out by David Paulides I wouldn’t be surprised if, after he’s whipped up a storm, he drops a big book explaining all that to date he’s suitably refrained from. I hear numerous anecdotal stories, none of which sound all that miraculous, when put in context of a deeply harrowing event – someone gone missing. And the distances these people sometimes cross never sounds all that crazy. I walked just over 6 miles in about 2.5 hours last weekend. That was with a rabble of 4 – 8 year olds. On bleak, rocky at times, rainy, cold, rough Welsh hill tops… was a nice day out!

    Anyway, rant over. Be good to see if anyone has anything to add.







    Hey TC!  Welcome to the forum — I’m glad to see I’m not alone!

    I can absolutely see your points relating to alternative dimensions.  I’m not nearly as much of a skeptic, but even I’m having a hard time with the existence of other dimensions.

    But while I think we can still be friends, I have to disagree with your about David Paulides and his work.  I think David is on to something — whatever that something is.

    For example, this just happened a few miles from where I live…

    A woman from Plano, Texas was walking in a nature preserve on Friday (typical scenario for Missing 411).  She was talking to a family member when her phone suddenly cut out (also a common scenario for Missing 411).  Searchers searched the area of the nature reserve (200+ acres) and found nothing.  The search was called off on Saturday when a body was found in Lake Ray Hubbard (water connection also common).  Lake Ray Hubbard is 20 miles away from the nature preserve (curious distance between disappearance and discovery also common).

    From Plano To Dallas… Mystery Of Woman Found Floating In Lake


    Is all of this explainable?  Sure.  But in these articles, the disappearance is described as “unexplainable” and that “there were no signs of foul play.”

    Maybe they determine what happened .  Maybe she was kidnapped, drugged, raped — or whatever.  But this sort of thing happens a lot, with many of the same shared traits.  And the worst part is that many of these cases go unsolved, or they’re pushed under the rug (as with our national parks, where they don’t keep records of missing persons).

    But if you’ve been listening to podcasts regarding Missing 411 and David Paulides, you know all of this already.

    I CAN’T WAIT until the Missing 411 film FINALLY comes out.  I need the guys to pick it apart!  And good news!  Looks like that should be soon!


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    Hi Brad,

    Good to have someone to bonce some ideas off.

    I guess the case you mention is as good as any other David has highlighted.

    So being completely objective and a skeptic in the truest sense this, as always with these cases, seems nothing remarkable. Other than the fact it’s not the norm – people go missing and get killed/kill themselves day in day out. Humans are good at it. There also good at hiding stress, anxiety and illness. I don’t have great sources to work from but in essence in this case someones cell phone signal cut while in a remote area. 12 hours later they were found 20 miles away dead in a lake.

    There are a multitude of things that very likely could have happened to her which are sad but not supernatural. And I tell you now if it was someone in power or rich, we’d likely find out. But with limited resources and lines of inquiry I should imagine police forces simply wont or can’t follow things up any more than they ‘need to’.

    Perhaps one take on the 411 sensation is there is a bulk of Davids audience who live such a life that luckily for them they are not exposed to many horrors that happen, day in, day out to people.  Just ask a police officer or a paramedic, lots of them have PTSD and for good reasons. Couple this with an unrealistic idea of what people are actually capable of in stressful scenarios, both emotionally and physically, i.e. become erratic, walk huge distances etc. Then you have on the surface abnormal traits which in fact are totally normal… hypothermic people stripping off.

    Please prove me wrong here.







    TC, you’re right — you’re the ultimate skeptic!

    My interest level stems from the numbers.  The “clusters” as David refers to them.  Do I think these things happen naturally, as you mention?  Absolutely.  But the frequency in occurrences, combined with the fact that they appear to happen in mass around particular geographic areas, is alarming.  Combine this with the additional shared commonalities and suddenly you have something bizarre.

    But isn’t this much like anything paranormal or unexplained?  Take the stereotypical haunting for example.  Small events occur in the home, each explained by some rational explanation.  But then the number of events start to stack up.  And suddenly one spends each day excuse-making in an effort to deny the possibility that something else might be going on.

    Contrary to me proving you wrong, I feel it is the responsibility of authorities to prove David wrong.  David may be full of complete crap.  But he may not be, also.  And the fact that the authorities can’t prove him wrong (or won’t in some cases) is what David has an issue with.  After all, he refuses to make presumptions about what might be going on.  He doesn’t blame the paranormal… or aliens… or anything else suspicious.  He lays out the evidence and details each case.  What we do with the information is on us.

    Is his audience susceptible?  I’ll give some push back here, as I’ve read a lot of forum topics regarding Missing 411.  From what I can tell, his audience is quite intelligent.  They’re detail-oriented, skeptical and looking for answers — just like David, and just like myself.

    With all of this said, I can totally understand the “ultimate skeptic” point of view on this stuff.  I’m looking forward to Adam and John reviewing the film!

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