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    I love the beginning of one episode where Adam’s headphones got stuck on his Kylo Ren figure. I agree with John that he’s the worst Star Wars bad guy, but from Adam’s description  of the size and price of the figure, I wouldn’t have passed up that deal either.

    To everone, what’s your geek cred?  I thought this kind of thread would be a more fun way to get to know each other than a standard “Welcome” thread, but I might be wrong.

    I will start. When my husband and I got together we realized we had two models of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D. His was the battle damaged model, mine was the normal one. We both had TNG Shuttlecraft, but he had a set of Starfleet blueprints, some on the wall and an unopened TOS bridge set. I had almost every TNG figure with an official carrying case. I used to go to Walmart in the middle of the night when they were restocking to try to find ones I was missing. I’ve also been to a very small Star Trek convention in Memphis, TN where John De Lancie (Q) was the guest. I also have the Star Trek Encyclopedia written by the Okuda’s and other reference books and Star Trek fiction (all pre-internet).  I had a set of 2 cassette tapes on how to speak Klingon, but I’ve lost those and I couldn’t learn to speak it anyway.

    I got a purple light saber (Mace Windu’s) for Christmas one year from my dad since purple is my favorite color. He gave my husband a book called Creating the Worlds of Star Wars : 365 Days by John Knoll. It’s a cool book. My husband gets something Darth Vader every year. He has a Vader Easter chocolate figure, unopened. And different Vader figures holding a small bag of conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day, another with red and green candy for Christmas, various and many Vader shirts. Free Throat Hugs and his helmet patterned like a sugar skull are my favorites. I had a Yoda that moved, talked and told stories but I let my son play with it until it sadly died. I have original from the 70’s, figures including Yoda and Darth Vader and the crash compactor.

    I have every episode of Firefly memorized and have tried to memorize all the Chinese they use and the meaning. We sing along with the Man They Call Jayne and know all the words. We were late to the Firefly party and so we sadly have no memorability from the show.

    We’re both avid readers of sci-fi, especially Robert A. Heinlein.  He gets the credit for introducing me to Heinlein, but I’ve read almost all of his books starting right after I devoured the first one he gave me.

    I think the most geek cred for us is the fact that we argue/discuss different things about each franchise but only discuss such matters within canon. My husband was so amazed that I knew what a Heisenberg compensator was and how Jefferies tubes got their name when we first got together. He also claimed I was the only hot girl he had ever met that was a Trekkie. Of course, we’ve never been to a large Comic-Con and he’s never been to even a small one like I did in Memphis. But I took the complement anyway 🙂  We were geeks before it was cool to be geeks.

    I got my first computer, an IBM PCjr when I was in my early teens with the expansion memory and a second floppy drive.  I learned to program in basic on that IBM failure that I loved.  Later as a young adult I got into the early BBS scene and we held informal meetings twice a month in the back room of a Pizza Hut.  They were called HAH’s (Hackers are Human).  I dated the sysop and owner of the largest BBS in town.  It was called The Final Frontier and had 28 phone lines and that still wasn’t enough.

    When my husband and I got together, my computer was faster, newer and had more processing power and memory than his did.  I just remembered that my computer was also better than the computer my BBS owner boyfriend had–that one I had custom made and I think I had to pay on it for over a year and my dad had to co-sign the loan.  Lol!

    There’s more geek to me but that’s the things I remember most.  I think it can all be summed up by a tshirt I got my future husband a long time ago that said, “Talk Nerdy To Me”!  Lol!

    Are there any other women in this forum?  If so, please join the discussion.

    John and Adam, what’s your geek cred?



    Not sure if I have any ‘geek cred’, as that’s Adam’s domain, however I used to have what’s called “hipster cred”. 😉

    I helped run a video store back in the 90’s as the resident movie geek. I organized the store by genre, subgenre, sub-sub genre, cross-genre, mix genre, director, actor, etc., and would regularly steer customers away from the latest Hollywood crapfest by telling them, “I’m sorry we don’t carry that (or my favorite: “it’s all checked out”), you might want to try Blockbuster.”

    Yes, I turned people away, especially if they asked for some of the more egregious titles: like The Bodyguard or Days of Thunder, or literally anything by Joel Schumacher or Jerry Bruckheimer.

    I was a pretentious elitist jerk when it came to film (if you’ve ever seen High Fidelity or Clerks, you’ll know what I mean), that is until I cried during Titanic. My hipster cred died that day. Adam was there. He’ll remember. It was humiliating.

    After that, I realized I’m a total sap for tragic love stories and could no longer hold my head up and claim to have any kind of detached coolness when it came to “cinema”. I call it BT/AT (before Titanic, after Titanic).

    That said, I do love British sci-fi like Quatermass and the Pit, early Doctor Who (you know, the ones with the really cheap sets and effects), Hitchiker’s Guide, etc. Basically anything retro and cerebral.

    Also, I was never into comic books, but I do love the early Pulps. So, there’s my geek cred, such as it is. Hipster cred: RIP.



    I helped run a mom and pop video store in 1988-1989. We had kids coming in on the weekend for Faces Of Death. And a wait list written on a legal pad for new releases or other popular movies. We were so high tech. But it’s ok, I was a pretentious jerk about other things back then but not movies. Like now I’m pretty proud of my internal IMDb.  I use actors real names in shows or movies when I know my husband will only know the character’s name. LOL!  And my older son cried during Titantic, too. Though I might have caused that. Since I was a single parent and he wanted to see a movie and so did I but I didn’t have a sitter and he was too young to be by himself in the theater. So we watched Power Rangers and then Bridges of Madison County and I cried and he was embarrassed. But I did not cry at the Titantic, so let’s agree not to make fun of each other. LOL!

    I don’t have hipster cred that. I’m aware of. I thought you needed to be a lot younger than I am to have that, but it doesn’t seem like y’all are that much younger than me with some of the references you make.

    I saw the I Love the 90’s tour in September. Tone Loc, Rob Base, Salt n Pepa, Coolio and Vanilla Ice. Do I get negative or positive cred for that. I’m not sure. 😜

    I think your cred is just fine though you could have a little OCD cred if you rearranged the movies down to sub-sub genre and cross genre. I could see me doing that at home though. I also remember the stand-up for Mystic Pizza and another movie on the other side almost killed me to construct. It took me all day. I put together many stand-ups but nothing like Mystic Pizza. I wouldn’t watch the movie for about 10 years. That stand-up made me its b!tch all day. It’s funny that we both worked in a video store but neither of us worked in a Blockbuster and within a few years of each other.

    If you like movies, you’d be horrified to see what I have in my house now. 6 movie posters from the 70’s. Either B movie horror or exploitation movies like the Naughty Cheerleader with Barbie Benton. They are all a gift for a friend (some from me and one from his GF and my best friend) that collects all kinds of things–vinyl, movie memorabilia, local things like a 6 foot catfish that was the mascot of a semi-pro team near here that failed, comic books and I really don’t know what else. He has two whole rooms devoted to boxes of stuff.

    Really weird about the video stores. If we had both worked at Blockbuster it wouldn’t be weird at all, but we both worked for different video stores.



    Posted by: John

    I was a pretentious elitist jerk when it came to film (if you’ve ever seen High Fidelity or Clerks, you’ll know what I mean), that is until I cried during Titanic.  My hipster cred died that day.  Adam was there.  He’ll remember.  It was humiliating.

    After that, I realized I’m a total sap for tragic love stories and could no longer hold my head up and claim to have any kind of detached coolness when it came to “cinema”.  I call it BT/AT (before Titanic, after Titanic).

    I think that’s so sweet.  I bet your wife does, too.  I also don’t think it takes all your previously earned cred away. It takes a real man to cry.  And I’m sure a hipster can cry, too.  I had to go save my Christmas tree from a cat but I just had to tell you that crying at one movie doesn’t destroy your cred.

    Hold your hipster head high, John.  Plus, I like you even more now that you shared that story.  BTW, I love Clerks and High Fidelity and I really love Dogma.



    My geek cred, if I have any, stems mostly from the early years of video games, the heyday of role-playing games, and the boom-time of modern board games.

    I also tend to have a lot of film and music trivia bounding around my head.

    And the fact that I used to get picked on for being a nerdy geek — cred enough in my book!  I’m a BADGEHOLDER!



    Former Blockbuster video employee. I use to take home over 10 movies a week. I got into conspiracies after buying the graphic novel anthology, The Big Book of Conspiracies. Opened my eyes. Proud member of GLP.



    Former Blockbuster video employee. I use to take home over 10 movies a week.

    Ahh… so you were the one who helped the customers I turned away. 😉

    Taking home free movies every week was one of those great perks working at a video store. Best film school around.

    I actually miss those days.



    Thank you for the business Sr.John.

    That Year working at BB was amazing.   I watched so many films.   Prior to  working at BB I rented from the local mom and pop store.   I rented over 5 videos a week.  I spent all my allowance on videos.  They had this back room with the “special” movies.  They had beads covering the entrance.  As a kid it felt like the Holy  of  Holies.  I remember taking a peak into that room and mom giving me an earful, while dad quietly sneaked in.

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