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    Hey Guys!

    About a year ago I stumbled upon some fantastically creepy threads on Reddit.  In several posts, an anonymous Search and Rescue Officer shares eerie stories that he claims are real.  Many of his stories involve missing person cases, paranormal and other “magical mystery” subject matter.  I’d love to get your thoughts on the posts — especially as it concerns the believability of the stories.  Because real or not, I was completely engaged while reading.

    But as I was reading the thread, a name kept coming up:  David Paulides.  Ever hear of him?

    David runs the CanAm Missing Project, which focuses on real life missing persons cases in and around our national parks.  But since starting the project, his work has branched into mysterious disappearances occurring within suburban settings, also.  But each case seems to have a commonality, which is the involvement of nature (bodies of water, woods, rural settings, etc.).

    Here is a presentation that David gave in May of this year.  There is a lengthy introduction to David.  You’ll see that he begins to speak at the 6 minute mark.

    Most compelling is the cluster map that David claims points to something beyond happenstance.  There seems to be a pattern to the disappearances.

    Even more interesting is that the majority of missing people that he concentrates his work around are often very adept:  avid hikers, hunters, superior athletes, etc.

    You may have heard David on Coast to Coast.

    And you may have heard or seen something related to the documentary that he funded on Kickstarter.  I’ve been waiting for the release of the documentary for over a year, which is a bit concerning, but according to Facebook, they’re waiting on the denial or acceptance to some film festivals before setting a firm release date.  Regardless of when it comes out, I sure hope you’ll consider it for review on the podcast.

    As an outdoor enthusiast, I am fascinated by the subject matter.  I’d love to get your thoughts on things.

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    Hey Brad,

    Yes, I’m familiar with Paulides and his work, mostly due to my interest in Bigfoot of course.  Very interesting stuff, and we’ll definitely put it on the list.



    Thanks, Brad. I was trying to remember this guy’s name in another thread this morning. I will check out the links you shared.

    I think the stories are strange, too, and very interesting. I thought the Kickstarter failed for some reason. Good to know it didn’t.

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