A Prescient Nightmare? Somebody here can tell me if I snagged a truth fragment.

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    I had a dream two nights ago about a high school that portrayed itself as being modeled on private schools but accessible to the public in a district where the public option was ghastly. Students won a lottery (manipulated of course) as step one of the admissions process. The faculty cut off direct contact with their families but simulated it. The families got forged letters sent home along with glowing progress reports. Graduates placed into top schools and walked into top jobs. At a certain point, the dream showed me that the kids had been picked based on DNA tests and were being groomed to take their place in a totalitarian regime which would take over everything over the course of a generation. These kids, now grown, would be running schools to create their replacements. The transition was such that almost no one questioned or resisted and everything was normalized.

    In every class, however, there were kids upon which “the treatment” didn’t work its spell. The faculty muscle disposed of the obvious malcontents, and the smarter ones became very subtle. Knowing from the inside how to create a regime, they began a counter-campaign to reverse the cycle of abuse and totalitarian programming. I woke at this point, missing the resolution, but it was clear that the dream’s intent was to offer hope in the face of a bleak potential future which resonated with past and present events. The underground is alive and growing. I believe it will prevail, and I believe that each of us has some role in that.



    Not far from reality at all.  Schools are already designed to indoctrinate good little citizens and workers.  The rule followers are always rewarded, and the rebellious ones punished.  Check this out:

    Add the DNA testing, genetic engineering, and voila’, you’ve got a dictatorship run by a conformist collective of elites. Sounds like the near future to me.

    Btw, keeping a dream journal is a great tool for tracking these subconscious messages.  I highly recommend it.

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