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Hey Guys!

I don’t have any interesting updates regarding activity in the apartment, but I thought I would pop in to share an otherwise interesting note.

A few months ago, my sister sent a ton of old family photos to me via text.  It was neat to see them, as I hadn’t laid eyes on them since I was child.

Among the photos were a bunch of me as an infant/toddler.  And because I’m my son’s age or younger in the photos, I thought it would be cool to show them to my son…  “See, that’s me when he was your age.”  You get the idea.

I showed him a ton of photos one evening — not too late.  He seemed to get a kick out of it.  We went through ones of myself, my sisters, my parents and some of my grandmother, who passed before my children were born.

Later that night, he asked to see them again.  We were already in bed, dozing off.  In an effort to hurry and appease, I started swiping through on my phone when he asked to see “the one of my grandma.”  I found one, but it was the “wrong one.”  He described the one he wanted, of me as a baby.  And I thought to myself… “of all the pictures, this one?”  It was an odd favorite.   My grandmother looks surprised in the photo, I’m not facing the camera… nothing crazy.  But he loves this photo.  He still asks to see it before bed, often at random, after days and weeks of not asking.

I use to think it was an interesting request for the fact that he never met my grandmother.  I thought it was neat that he would choose it for that reason alone.  And then today, my sister sent me the very same photo again (because I had once mentioned that my son loved it) and she pointed out something I hadn’t seen before — an orb.

Now the photo has become even more interesting to me.  My child, who I think sees spirits, has a favorite photo… and it’s of my deceased grandmother and an orb.

And while I could be reaching, I noticed something else as I was inspecting the orb.  See the cabinet door on the right?  It looks really bizarre.  Could be nothing, but I can easily create a skull-like face within the wood texture.

Again, I could be making way too much of everything, especially with all that we’re going through at the apartment.  I just always thought it was odd that my son would ask to see this photo by request.  And now that I’m noticing these other features within the photo, it’s even more strange to me.

That’s all I got.  Could be nothing and most likely is.  Just another “weird” thing with my kid.

Grandmother with me as a baby.