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Hey Guys, we made it to morning!!

All joking aside, last night went relatively fine.  My son woke up yelling at around 2:00am (pretty normal around here), and from that point I just decided to stay the night with him in his room.  No weird occurrences.

The scariest thing to occur was at around 6:30am this morning.  I launched myself up from a dead-sleep as I felt a hand gripping my ankle…

and it was my son.  He was sitting up and ready to get up for the day.  A gentle tap on the shoulder would been appreciated, haha.

I was able to listen to the podcast this morning as I got the kids up (with headphones).  I appreciate you both speaking to our situation and taking me seriously.  I do my best to stay grounded with all of it, knowing that it may all be nothing.  But as with last nights shadow sighting, it can be difficult.

I do think there’s something special about children. Maybe the veil is lifted for him, and they’re able to see and hear things beyond our adult capability.  The instance with Adam’s daughter waving to the cemetery is a great example of this possibility being true.

I try to be as discerning as possible with everything, because I don’t want my bias and fascination with the paranormal to be an influencer in how I interpret this stuff.

I’ll try to do some digging this coming week and see whether there is any history with the apartment.  What do I care if I look crazy.  I’m leaving in three weeks!

Thanks again for humoring me with all of this.  My wife hates to talk about any of it.  She wouldn’t even let me tell her about last night’s event.  As soon as I mentioned something happened… “I don’t want to hear it, stop. Please. I have to be able to live here!”

I’ll absolutely keep you guys updated and do my best to document going forward.  That’s my one regret over the course of this experience (not documenting more).  With that said, it can be difficult to document what happens on the fly and at random.

Have a great weekend guys!  Great show!!!