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Ok, I sent the video.

In it, he actually describes what he saw as a “ghost.”  He didn’t describe it as that before I filmed him.  And you’ll see in the video that he  describes it as appearing “brown” instead of black (black is how he described it before the camera).

If you’ll notice, the whole apartment is sort of drab.  And the carpet is a brown.  For this reason, everything sort of has a sepia tone.  So I’m not sure what to make of the difference in description.

And you’ll see that he thinks it went into “mommy and daddy’s room” and points towards our room with a very “serious about it” mentality.  I didn’t think he was making anything up.  But yes, he could be imagining all of this.

I will say this.  I was very creeped out as I was taking the camera to the master bedroom.  And you’ll notice, I couldn’t even get myself to pan the room.  It’s as if I didn’t want to see anything, haha.

And per usual, none of this proves anything.  But I was officially creeped out tonight.