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Hey Guys, you may have already recorded tonight’s podcast, but I wanted to hop on as quickly as I could to let you know about what just happened a few minutes ago.

I was getting my son out of the bathtub, drying him off as he stood on the rug in front of the tub.  As I was drying him he shouts… “Hey, what was that shadow???” He was looking outside the bathroom, towards the hallway.

I asked him what he saw and he said “a dark shadow”.  I dropped the towel and asked him to show me where and walked into the middle of the hallway and he pointed to the floor.  He then stared, looking around everywhere, as if to see where it went.  He then looked towards our master bedroom and paused.

I asked him to tell me what th shadow looked like and he said… “it was very black, but maybe it was a person.”

im not sure if he just saw a shadow that was cast on the floor, or if he saw a shadowy figure in a human shape.  The way he described it was if he was confused by how to describe it at all.

I walked into his bedroom to get his undies, which had its lights off.  He was very cautious about going in until the light was on.  I turned it on, grabbed his undies and got them on him.

I didn’t want to press the issue much or freak him out, but I asked again what he had seen.  He said something like… “it looks like my bed shakes.”

(Edit: All of this was creeping me out, but this comment sort of gave me chills.)

I tried to shift the subject, but then waned to try and document some of this.  So I recorded a short vid on my phone of him telling me again what he saw.  I haven’t rewatched it yet, because I’m literally lying by his side right now, in his bed.  I don’t think he explained it in as much detail the second time through, but I’ll post the vid if it is worth seeing.  I’ll let you know in a bit.



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  • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by  Brad.