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Hey guys!  Thanks for the reply!

Adam, I’m totally fine with you guys talking about this subject on the show.  The subject of kids and the paranormal is one that I’ve always been interested in, and it is this point that makes me concerned that I’m making more out of this than actually exists.  I ask myself all the time… “Am I exaggerating this?  Did that really happen like I recall?  Adam and John are the only ones that will understand!”

The whole situation is weird.  I use the term “weird” a ton when describing all of this, because as John alluded… you can sound like a kook real quick when speaking about this subject.  So I give tons of qualifiers in advance of any mention… “I know this is crazy”… “You’re going to think I’m nuts”… you get the idea.  But to say this is “weird” is a lot more pragmatic than “HOLY SHIT, I’ve got ghosts!”

And in all seriousness, I’m fine in this apartment.  Personally, I’ve only had a few odd moments that made me pause.  But a part of me worries that I’m not experiencing much, because my son is the one being targeted.   And in typing that, I realize how crazy it all sounds.

(EDIT:  I try to imagine the possibility of all of this being real and it makes me sad for my kid.  We’ve had a lot of rough nights, in which my wife and I have been very upset with him.  Constant disruption to your sleep routine can make you incredibly irritable and I’d hate to think that we’ve been upset with him as something else has been causing him to wake at all hours.)

The thing that I keep coming back to is the age of my son.  He’s going to turn four soon, but he’s not intelligent enough to string all of this together.  Presuming he saw something scary on TV (or while playing on YouTube), there’s still no way that he could recreate the lead-up of a horror film over the span of several months.  Not possible.   He’s only three!

But absolutely, feel free to discuss.  I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

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