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Hopefully I didn’t mis the big news today, haha (I didn’t notice any).  Once again, the only person I’m hearing discuss this spying at any serious level is Mark Levin.   I did see some WashPo stuff discussing Obama-Russia back channels, but nothing related to the spying.

I’m convinced that we’re witnessing a coup.  The orchestration of what we’re seeing on the Left is scary.  It’s as if marching orders are decided, distributed and then disseminated (by the media and top Democrat officials).  You can watch the timestamps and phrasing of their headlines and social posts.  It’s as if they say and speak the exact same at the very same time.  Whether it’s “collusion” or “Kushner”… they’re all in lockstep, despite numerous contradictions and outright admissions of no crime being committed — by anyone!  And where there is a crime???  No attention.  Seth Rich… move along.  Felony leakers… move along.  Sean Hannity?!!?!  Attack!

Speaking of Hannity, he’s pushing a Media Matters alternative today.  Check out Media Equalizer for a good time and some laughs.  I love the Maddow defense of Weiner-tweeted dick pics.  Spoiler alert:  she blames more hacking.  SHOCKER, I KNOW.

Edit:  Adam has to think I’m some crazy right-winger.  I might be, although I’m trying to view things from a more un-tilted perspective, much as yourself.  Lately, I like to say I’m rightly biased, because yeah… I lean right.  And the more the Left embarrasses themselves, the more biased I become — rightfully.

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