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Hey Brad,

Yeah, I saw this on PJMedia.  Looks like another case of government overreach, but because it happened under the Obama admin, most mainstream media sources (who have been trying to protect both Obama and Hillary from negative news) simply don’t report on it.  It’s called “lying by omission”.  By not reporting on it, ignoring it in a sense, they hope it’ll go away, or fall under the category of “not credible” because they’re the “gold standard” of journalism. And since they’re not reporting on it, it must be biased or FAKE NEWS.  Unfortunately, for most people who rely on the mainstream that’s how it’ll be perceived.

And perception is everything.

This kinda’ thing has always gone on (from both sides of the political spectrum), but the contrast is just more stark nowadays.  It’s sad really and, in my opinion, more evidence that we’re headed for some kind of civil war over the future of the country.

I’ll listen to the Mark Levin podcast, and maybe we can address this issue in a future podcast.