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Hey Guys, great show.  I appreciated the Seth Rich synopsis up to this point.  The story really has become maddening.

Putting politics aside for a moment, I’m curious about what you both think of this…

Bot-attacks against Hannity:

Understanding the complete shakeup that has occurred at FOX (Bill O’Reilly’s exit, Bill Shine’s exit and the recent turn over in the primetime slots), and recalling the recent attempt to smear Hannity with his own sex scandal, is it possible that the Seth Rich story is being used as a trap for Hannity and other conservatives?

I think it was Adam that mentioned the possibility of purposefully planted, insane alt-right theories being circulated amongst the true Seth Rich theories.  By planting off-the-wall theories as bait, they distract (and potentially discredit) those reporting on the matter.

As someone that listens to Hannity from time to time, I can tell you that he has never forgotten Seth Rich.  He has mentioned him time and time again since his murder, only never to a degree as we’ve seen in the past two weeks.  I can imagine a scenario in which someone noticed his interest level and then set out to sabotage FOX (first with an easy-to-bait local affiliate), and ultimately trap their most veteran (and most influential) voice — Hannity.

Hannity discussed Seth for a moment on his FOX program last night before diving into the witch hunt that he claims is raging against him — focussing on Media Matters’ attempt to pressure his advertisers. and others have pulled advertising as of this afternoon.  So it appears that Hannity may have been correct in his assessment of what is occurring.

Understanding that you guys may despite Hannity, what are your thoughts on the Seth Rich “trap” theory?  It would explain why a DNC PR person is speaking on behalf of the family still — after a year… for a family that they are not beholden to, especially if no DNC hit was committed.  That sort of ongoing representation isn’t cheap.

I’m curious about your thoughts.

I’m also curious about the primetime news ratings these days.  Acknowledging that Bill O’Reilly left 4 million viewers without a home at 7pm, I cannot except that those viewers found a new home at CNN and/or MSNBC.  This isn’t plausible to me — not with the division that exists in our political climate.

I hate that I’m diving even further down the rabbit hole with these theories (Hi, Adam!), but I’m beginning to trust the primetime news ratings as much as the polls that had Hillary winning the election.  They all seem fabricated and/or skewed.  And I’m not alone in this feeling… a friend of mine who I hadn’t discussed this subject with brought the matter up with me earlier this week.  Could it simply be that nothing seems “real” anymore?

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