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TC, you’re right — you’re the ultimate skeptic!

My interest level stems from the numbers.  The “clusters” as David refers to them.  Do I think these things happen naturally, as you mention?  Absolutely.  But the frequency in occurrences, combined with the fact that they appear to happen in mass around particular geographic areas, is alarming.  Combine this with the additional shared commonalities and suddenly you have something bizarre.

But isn’t this much like anything paranormal or unexplained?  Take the stereotypical haunting for example.  Small events occur in the home, each explained by some rational explanation.  But then the number of events start to stack up.  And suddenly one spends each day excuse-making in an effort to deny the possibility that something else might be going on.

Contrary to me proving you wrong, I feel it is the responsibility of authorities to prove David wrong.  David may be full of complete crap.  But he may not be, also.  And the fact that the authorities can’t prove him wrong (or won’t in some cases) is what David has an issue with.  After all, he refuses to make presumptions about what might be going on.  He doesn’t blame the paranormal… or aliens… or anything else suspicious.  He lays out the evidence and details each case.  What we do with the information is on us.

Is his audience susceptible?  I’ll give some push back here, as I’ve read a lot of forum topics regarding Missing 411.  From what I can tell, his audience is quite intelligent.  They’re detail-oriented, skeptical and looking for answers — just like David, and just like myself.

With all of this said, I can totally understand the “ultimate skeptic” point of view on this stuff.  I’m looking forward to Adam and John reviewing the film!