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Hi Brad,

Good to have someone to bonce some ideas off.

I guess the case you mention is as good as any other David has highlighted.

So being completely objective and a skeptic in the truest sense this, as always with these cases, seems nothing remarkable. Other than the fact it’s not the norm – people go missing and get killed/kill themselves day in day out. Humans are good at it. There also good at hiding stress, anxiety and illness. I don’t have great sources to work from but in essence in this case someones cell phone signal cut while in a remote area. 12 hours later they were found 20 miles away dead in a lake.

There are a multitude of things that very likely could have happened to her which are sad but not supernatural. And I tell you now if it was someone in power or rich, we’d likely find out. But with limited resources and lines of inquiry I should imagine police forces simply wont or can’t follow things up any more than they ‘need to’.

Perhaps one take on the 411 sensation is there is a bulk of Davids audience who live such a life that luckily for them they are not exposed to many horrors that happen, day in, day out to people.  Just ask a police officer or a paramedic, lots of them have PTSD and for good reasons. Couple this with an unrealistic idea of what people are actually capable of in stressful scenarios, both emotionally and physically, i.e. become erratic, walk huge distances etc. Then you have on the surface abnormal traits which in fact are totally normal… hypothermic people stripping off.

Please prove me wrong here.