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Awesome, Adam!

Would you consider touching on the recent accusations of Obama-wiretapping, also?  I think the case that Mark Levin is making is a valid one.  Either the media has been lying (fake news), or the accusations of wiretapping are true.  The NYT article that directly refers to wiretapping is pretty indisputable, but I still hear a lot of detractors out there.  And of course, people are name-calling and belittling Mark Levin, labeling him a “conspiracy theorist” despite having made a rather substantive argument.


How ironic, too.  In an effort to convince the public of a Russian connection, the media inadvertently reported on the illegal wiretapping.  And the illegal wiretapping (or perpetual leaking) could be directly related to newly revealed CIA snooping capabilities.

And to think, the CIA apparently has the capability of disguising malicious attacks as being born by enemy states.  So much for believing reports of hacks originating in Russia.

Oh, and with all of this news coming out, this story comes back to mind…

Hard to believe anything the Obama  admin has said, IMO.  Snooping, hacking, deflecting blame.  Snowden was right all along, haha.