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Whoops! I accidentally edited your post while trying to respond and some of it got deleted. Sorry about that. We’ll see if we can restore it. Anyway, here’s my response:

You’re welcome, and hang in there! Anxiety and panic are totally manageable, if not completely curable. A lot of advances have been made in the medical community over this affliction, as it’s so pervasive. You’re not alone. There are some good apps out there as well.

Again, hang in there and remember that “ultimately” we’re all in this thing called life/death together. Can’t be all that bad. 😉 Thinking about it this way always provides me comfort. Maybe it will for you too.

p.s. I know you’re post started with talking about not being able to sleep, listening to the DMT podcast, and relating to my story about panic attacks, anxiety, and PTSD, as you’re currently suffering through the same thing. Hope I got that right, as I can’t seem to retrieve the original. Still learning how this admin system works.